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get swell with tom krell as he picks his top 5 music vids

Tom Krell knows How to dress well. Which is probably why he performs under the moniker: How To Dress Well. After months of putting out free EPs, in 2010 Tom finally got his big break, and he did it with a bang. Love Remains, his debut album, was a huge success, trumped only by 2012’s Total Loss. And now he’s back with a shiny new album What Is This Heart? To celebrate, we asked Tom to pick his top 5 music videos of all time.

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  • Palmistry - Catch

    "A beautiful video for a beautiful tune. I saw Palmistry play in London this week and it was truly incredible. I think dancehall inflected music is primed for a big rise."

  • Arca & Jesse Kanda - TRAUMA Scene 1

    "Officially the weirdest and most adorable Alejandro, I love everything Arca touches and Jess Kanda is scary brilliant, too."

  • jj - baby (lorentz & m.sakarias "cover")

    "Truly the best video ever made. I return to this video and song all the time." 

  • Whitney Houston - I Look to You

    "The goddess. This song is so deep, especially because it is about her daughter and not, like, God. A really loving tune."

  • Alex Cobb - Landscape Dissolves

    "Alex Cobb's lovely music plus Paul Clipson's visuals = pretty brilliant. I love everything Cobb does, he is in my upper echelon of favourite musicians for sure."