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Bart Simpson: Fashion Icon?

From Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hats to Hillary Clinton’s rainbow of pantsuits, America’s most powerful families have often doubled as its fashion icons. But it isn’t just political dynasties that keep us sartorially captivated. Now celebrating its landmark 25th season, The Simpsons--like the Kennedys and Clintons before them--continue to be a source of inspiration for all facets of the fashion industry. Since the satirical portrait of the middle class American family made its full-length debut on December 17, 1989, The Simpsons have broadcast over 550 episodes, been awarded 28 primetime Emmys, and been named the 20th century's best television series by TIME Magazine. Not bad for a four-fingered family of five famous for just missing the mark. There’s something about Springfield that makes it a frequent stop on the map for fashion’s biggest names. For Jeremy Scott, this reinvestment in America’s favorite family is one way of injecting the industry with some playful excitement: “fashion can always use a lil’ shaking up whether it wants to admit it or not!” In this spirit, here are i-D’s top five favorite Simpsons crossover collections and collaborations.

Text Emily Manning

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  • jeremy scott has a cow, man

    Jeremy Scott grew up watching The Smashing Pumpkins rock Homerpalooza, the Pin Pals rule the Springfield Bowling Alley, and the tragic funerals of Snowballs I-IV. Identifying the most with Bart, who he called “the quintessential American teenager with a rebellious streak,” Scott’s fall/winter 2012 collection--complete with playfully printed knits plastered with El Barto’s signature smirk--successfully reignited “Bartmania.” For Scott, The Simpsons' subversive spirit continues to resonate: “it’s the combination of being American and rebellious while still having humor and a heart of gold that pretty much sums me up in a nutshell!”

    Jeremy Scott Fall 2012

  • harper’s bazaar swaps springfield for saint-germain-des-pres

    Back in 2007, Harper’s Bazaar celebrated the release of The Simpsons Movie by treating la famille Simpson to hilarious fictional fittings in the French capital. Forget that Chanel suit Marge dug out of the Ogdenville outlet mall, Harper’s gave the blue-haired beauty a private consultation with Karl himself. While the spread’s fashion forrays with Versace, Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Louis Vuitton are undoubtedly adorable, nothing tops Patty and Selma chain smoking in Viktor & Rolf’s avant-garde accessory of the moment: personal scaffolding. Hey, they’ve gotta look good for those MacGuyver marathons.

    Simpsons 2

  • marge goes MAC

    Although Marge and her six-foot ‘fro are perhaps better suited for a Bumble & Bumble line, the Bouvier matriarch was recently named next in line for her own MAC collection. There’s been no word from the cosmetic collaboration enthusiasts (in addition to Marge, fellow fictional characters Miss Piggy and Maleficent also have mini MAC lines) as to what the capsule will entail, but word on Evergreen Terrace is it’ll be released in September. Here’s hoping for yellow foundation and royal blue lipstick to make our Halloweens a little easier.


    Simpsons 3

  • colette gets bent

    The Simpsons return to Paris this July, but not for another runway romp with Linda Evangelista. This time, they’ll be staring on the shelves at famed French boutique colette. Having teamed up with graphic enthusiasts ELEVENPARIS for an exclusive t-shirt series featuring Maggie, Marge, and the Moe’s regulars, the clever capsule will be available exclusively at colette on July 15th. Time to give your “Adults Suck, Then You Are One” iron-on a wash.


    Simpsons 4

  • comme des groening

    While not technically Simpsons specific, we love series creator Matt Groening’s Comme des Garçons collaboration way too much to not include it. The tongue-in-cheek partnership took shape when Rei Kawakubo’s husband and business partner Adrian Joffe caught wind of Groening’s earlier, more obscure, comic strip series Life in Hell, telling Style, “I told Rei about it, because [as a fashion designer] your life is hell; to do a new collection every six months is hell." A sentiment we’re sure Springfield’s surliest Comic Book Guy would agree with wholeheartedly.

    Simpsons 5