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big boo's power tools for the girls

As all good lesbians know, it’s not manners that maketh the (wom)man, it’s Power Tools. But do you know your Sander from your Sawsall? Do you regularly get baffled in your local B&Q? Fear not, for here comes the awesome Lea Delaria, who plays Big Boo on Orange Is The New Black. Entering the realms of stand-up comedy by introducing herself as ‘That Fucking Dyke” and with that infamous screwdriver scene in Series 1, singer, actress and stand-up comedian DeLaria lets us know, in reverse order, her Top 5 Power Tools. To accompany, we pick our five favourite moments from the life of Delaria, our favourite butch babe…

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  • sander

    “For when you need a smooth finish.”

  • Drill (with Hammer Action)

    "Sometimes you just need to make a hole.”

  • sawsall

    “Because sometimes you just need to make a bigger hole.”

  • Nail Gun

    “I can’t stop myself from going right to a nailer joke.”


  • Electric Screwdriver with 3 speeds

    “’nuff said.”