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lc:m around the world

Around the world, around the world, take a trip with LC:M as we’re whisked off from east to west and back home again! We’re all going on a spring/summer 15 holiday of a lifetime, so pack your bags, book your flight! Where will you go?

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Text Billy Brand
Photography Mitchell Sams

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  • africa

    Liam Hodges has one hot ticket for an African Safari experience! In a really wild uniform of khaki, 3D printed feathers and wide-brimmed hats, head across the African planes with Liam’s tribe of explorers. Go forth, be brave and earn your badge!

    Liam Hodges spring/summer 15

  • new york

    New York, New York! Be a part of it and taste Kit Neale’s fast food treats as he offers up a delicious serving of New Yorks finest! Hot dogs, Coca-Cola and the best burgers in the Big Apple are all on the menu.

    Kit Neale spring/summer 15

  • uk

    After a shiny, happy worldwide holiday, Moschino-style, Jeremy Scott reminds us that there really is no place like home. Landing safely back in the UK, we’re left smiling in a patriotic polo shirt. God save Moschino!

    moschino spring/summer 15

  • grand canyon

    Feel the wind in your hair from the passenger seat of a vintage Cadillac as you take a road trip down route 66. Next stop, the Grand Canyon! Dress up in dreamy denim with Marques'Almeida, it’s going to be one smoking hot summer.

    Marques'Almeida spring/summer 15

  • japan

    Konnichiwa! Astrid Andersen’s sexy sumos were wrapped up tropical toned kimonos and silky robes. Her branded boys looked brave as they represented her fan base from the east. Turning Japanese, I think we’re turning Japanese, I really think so!

    astrid andersen spring/summer 15