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top 5 step aside heels

Whilst we are all lovers of the sneaker here at the i-D offices and its monolithic penetration into the fashion industry, we also can't get enough of the party shoe. Even the boys! Spring/summer 14 was rife with heels, but it's nice to see that some designers are going seriously big - not home - with those 'in-betweeny' heels. Unless it also acts as a feather duster a la house of Rochas, then the kitten heel can purr off. We miss the days of platforms and Naomi Campbell on the floor - that's what heels are for!

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Text Bojana Kozarevic
Photography Mitchell Sams 


  • Alexander McQueen

    Hard-ass platforms for the gladiator galdem. It would be nice to see a McQueen construct somewhere else apart from the feet of Lady Gaga, but these vertiginous beauties aren't for the faint hearted. Design-wise, Sarah Burton's gladiator numbers were constructed in a variety of colours and detail, and though she didn't want a too-specific reference, these shoes scream warrior-bitch-power-mode.


    Alexander McQueen spring/summer 14

  • Erdem

    Flowery numbers for the romantic lover. Erdem's shoes came in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it was the highest plats that we most loved. Perspex heels with flowers in a melancholic and literary inspired show made the drama even more effective. Perfect heels for running through a wild garden with your book of poetry clutched close to your heart and hopes of a summer love just around the corner. Sigh...


    Erdem spring/summer 14

  • Prada

    Bling, brash and brilliant. We fell head over heels in love with Prada's buoyant heels in suedes of red, green and navy and brimming with gem stones. Look at them, it's pretty self-explanatory! Mix 'em with some knee-high ribbed socks because well, you can, and start stomping. Gaudy and gorgeous, these heels are part of a collection that subverts and shows off the magic of femininity, and are first on our spring/summer 14 wishlist.


    Prada spring/summer 14

  • Versace

    Killer babes. Versace versace versace….#drakeknows. Never one to shy away from suffering for her art, Donatella put these bad boys on the catwalk. Their pastel colours suggest sugar and sweet but their sharp and severe edges suggest serious signoras out on the town. Big, ballsy and beautiful.


    Versace spring/summer 14

  • Vivienne Westwood

    Rather than a messenger of the gods, Dame Viv is a fashion goddess in her own right. Her platform shape may have been around for some time but it never ceases to impress. A 60s inspired shape with inspired 70s colours, these gold leaf platforms were made for flares and the floor. Soundtrack essentials: Anything from Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor and Aretha Franklin.


    Vivienne Westwood spring/summer 14