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top 5 beauty looks from spring/summer 14. be you (tiful).

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Spring/summer 14 stood out for its freaky beauty queens. From Givenchy to Céline, inspirations were artfully translated into the language of beauty. Conceptual, original and liberating, we celebrate the most daring looks.

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Text Bojana Kozarevic
Catwalk photography Mitchell Sams 

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  • 5. Céline

    It seems uncouth to describe the eyebrows as squiggles. Much more high-brow than that, they resembled Salvador Dali's moustache and Henri Matisse's graphic ways, which suited the collection, based as it was on the work of French photographer Brassaï, whose photos of sordid Paris and its Dali-art-scene are infamous. These inspirations lived on in the make-up too, with artist Dick Page hand shaping the eyes and eyebrows to minimal and maximal extremes!



    Céline spring/summer 14

  • 4. Gareth Pugh

    Future beauties took to the catwalk in Gareth Pugh’s show with a spage age eye zone. Reminiscent of his spring/summer 12 show a few years back, which featured white plastic eyelids, this look went a step futher with exaggerated plastic eye caps rising the brow arch to infinity and beyond. Gareth's work is always transcendental and often has a dramatic sharpness to it, but the pink and blue hues in this look softened it just enough. We hasten to say admire this one from afar, don't try it at home!




    Gareth Pugh spring/summer 14

  • 3. Miu Miu

    As always, Miuccia Prada played around with ideas of femininity, presenting a witty take on girlishness. Pat McGrath stuck strands of girl's hair to juicy, lip-glossed lips. Fun, sweet and very close to home truths of the hardships of keeping up with glamour. AM I RIGHT, LADIES?



    Miu Miu spring/summer 14

  • 2. Chanel

    At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld dreamed his painting, then painted his dreams with the help of Sam McKnight and Peter Philips. Wigs were designed to frame the face a la 70s chic and as McKnight put it, also with a nod to Darth Vader! Then the eyes; oh the eyes! Peter Philips swiped thick, colourful brush strokes across the lids making art deco pop-eyes. It was a joie de vivre make-up moment.




    Chanel spring/summer 14

  • 1. Givenchy

    Shine bright like a diamond! Taking our number one spot, Pat McGrath's netted, glittering works of art took three whole hours to apply to each model's face. Emblazoned with approximately 1,500 Swarovski crystals and 2,000 sequins, these masks required teams of two to three make-up artists per model. McGrath and Tisci are a killer team, season after season creating creatures to lead the Givenchy cult. All hail. 




    Givenchy spring/summer 14