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bright lights and a bigger city with DKNY's spring/summer 15 gang

Dddddaayyymn fine was Eliza Cummings owning the DKNY runway. In fact, so were most of the cast at the show, including Rafferty Law, Ben Jarvis et al. Just like the womens' show last year, it was about the casting for the DKNY team, proving that it's how you wear it, not just what you wear. From New York to London, the DKNY team assembled all the things that make city chic. Clean lines, a heady mix of navy and grey, and just a lax luxe 'tude. As Eliza Cummings proved, menswear isn't just for the boys. NY, London, it's all about an international attitude of cool.

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Text Bojana Konzarevic
Photography Mitchell Sams

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  • look one

    What inspired the collection most this season was New York's fast paced city streets, explained the team backstage. Thus the aptly named collection, 'Fast Track'. Running the catwalk and the city streets in a layered lucullian look, set off with pristine white is how it should be done. And of course, don't forget the man bag in bright brave blue. 


    look one

  • look two

    An intense power play between hi-tech and hi-luxe fabrics was at hand. A reversible rain mac covered a smart jumper and beautiful navy trousers - all completed with socks and sandals. For the rainy days, or not!

    look two

  • look three

    More hybridisation came from layering; lovely laminated nylons were paired off with the white pristine t-shirts again, met with a royal blue bottom. Wall Street blues, the design team explained, and we gave one big wolf whistle to this hip Wolf of Wall st. 

    look three

  • look four

    'Classic sportswear with a modern twist' was the defining aesthetic. Baseball jerseys were given a sharp finish with black, emblazoned with the DKNY team logo. Tucked into a pair of grey sheen chinos, this sportswear star became a hybrid mix of city banker/ pitch hottie. 

    look four

  • look five

    Eliza Cummings, the sole girl of the show, proved the bad-assness that only minimalism can induce. Is it normcore, or is it hardcore sleekness that makes something elegant? Either way, dropped shorts set off with hands in pockets are a prerequisite for celegance (city elegance, a new thing?) for boys, girls, sexy and cool kids the world over. 

    look five