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in perfect harmony: harmony korine’s five most iconic looks

It appears as though Harmony Korine’s vacation has come to an end as yesterday marked the release of the Spring Breakers director’s commercial for Dior’s newest fragrance, Addict. While this partnership with the storied fashion house admittedly caught us a little off guard, it is by no means the Nashville native's first foray into fashion. Korine has worked with Proenza Schouler on two fashion films and collaborated with French fashion designer agnès b on a laundry list of projects. Inspired by the chandelier swinging glamour of his latest project, here are Harmony’s five most iconic looks.

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Text Emily Manning
Photography Harmony Korine

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  • addicted to dior

    While the garbage humping senior citizens and cornrowed James Franco characters that have left Korine's critics scratching their heads in the past are notably absent from this minute-long spot, the hypnotic fragrance advert is still unmistakably his. Korine quickly thrusts us into a world that’s marked both by a surreal sensuousness and surveillance style shots. Scored by South African rave-rap duo Die Antwoord, whose Umshini Wam music video he directed in 2011, this playful celebration of youth still screams “Harmony.”

  • gummo’s bunny boy

    Although Korine first made waves penning the screenplay to Larry Clark’s Kids at 19-years-old, his directorial debut Gummo wouldn’t arrive for another two years. The non-linear narrative depicts the tornado trashed town of Xenia, Ohio and its bizarre band of residents, one of which is the silent Bunny Boy - a recurring rabbit enthusiast who appears at some of the film’s most gruesome moments. This opening clip of a chain smoking Bunny Boy taking a leak off a highway overpass (his tattered pink ears made by who else but Chloe Sevigny) clearly established Korine as this generation’s most captivating yet provocative director.

  • proenza schouler’s gang of fools

    His first fashion film came by way of Proenza Schouler’s autumn/winter 10 exploration of girl gangs and the fringes of youth culture territory that Korine still treads on masterfully. Swapping glossy for grainy, his Proenza girls are a graffiti-tagging, beer-drinking, God-fearing, poetic pack of “wild animals.” Act da Fool demonstrates the director’s ability to walk the collection off the runway and set it free, injecting it with a mind of its own.

  • spring breakers do britney

    This is perhaps the most important scene in the history of cinema. A grilled-out James Franco tickles the ivories to the tune of “a little known pop singer by the name of Britney Spears, one of the greatest singers of all time and an angel if there ever was one on this earth.” The 2005 tearjerker Everytime plays whilst the spring breakers wistfully waltz around the baby grand cradling their semi-automatic weapons and wearing baby pink unicorn ski masks. It is quite literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, something I will proudly show my future children and grandchildren for generations to come.

  • trend forecasting trash humpers

    The film that eventually got all his titles pulled from Netflix, Trash Humpers left it's critics completely dumbstruck, including one News Week reporter who claimed it “[left] the residue of an authentic nightmare. You’ll want to shower afterward.” Selena Gomez’s favorite Korine film, the experimental and provocative Trash Humpers follows three sociopathic elderly people who come out at night to perform anti-social activities including building nests of garbage behind strip malls and gettin' it on with a couple of dumpsters. While not quite as sartorially savvy as @fashiongrandpas (my new favorite Instagram), the understated pastel palettes and utilitarian bucket hats of  Korine’s geezers similarly seem to have unwittingly forecasted normcore’s aesthetics, with an added dash of mayhem and destruction.