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charlie casely-hayford's guide to the new, style pioneers of music

Last season, Charlie and his dad Joe delivered the most accomplished debut LC:M will ever see. We watched as the ever-charming duo sent skinheads, rudeboys, punks and post-grunge princes down the runway and cemented a well-deserved place for Casely-Hayford in the menswear world. Before this joint venture, Charlie was more at home styling musicians, having turned his magic hand to everyone from the XX to Nas. Reflecting on his past and looking very much to the future, here are Charlie’s top 5 new pioneers of style in music.

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  • gwilym gold

    "Clean, minimal and direct, Gwilym's style is an interesting reflection of the movement currently dominating London's music and fashion scene. His personal take on his surroundings is evocative of a new visual language, where excess isn't part of the aesthetic but graphic minimalism is."

  • francis and the lights

    "Old school Hollywood grace combined with a slightly offbeat modern New York style. Francis Starlite's style has always fascinated me because it's very hard to pinpoint it to a specific moment in time, yet his aesthetic always seems very relevant." 

  • king krule

    "His look could only originate from one country, that's what I love about it. In a time when homogeneity in street style is pretty commonplace on a global scale due to the internet, Archie's style stands tall above everyone else's. A lot of the time he looks likes he's wearing his eccentric uncle's hand-me-down suits. As well as making it look stylish, there's something nostalgic in that that I think a lot of people relate to subconsciously."

  • dev hynes

    "A purist in his art and a purist in his style. I've always admired Dev's look because it isn't a hollow pastiche of a number of movements but an authentic love for one. He's totally pure and unforgiving in his pursuit of a particular time in the 80s, in a particular city. I love the lack of compromise."

  • eyedress

    "Idris Vicuña makes me want to wear Hawaiian shirts everyday. His laid back style is totally evocative of his music and exactly how I want to feel this summer."