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middlesex's sexy class of 2014 take on St Pancras Hotel

School's out for summer and Middlesex University showed of it’s latest BA(Hons) Fashion Design class of 2014 in the sumptuous surroundings of the St Pancras Hotel. After seeing almost 130 students work at the in-house show at the beginning of the month, the final 22 were selected to present their looks for the international press. Womenswear, knitwear, print and a strong lean towards menswear all added up to a visually exciting group of students ready to take the next step. With homage to the venue, Spice Girls' classic track Wannabe closed the show. These five are the real deal. Zig-a zig-ah!

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  • olivia petrioni

    Inspired by female boxers, lux 70s car interiors and American utility underwear for hiding guns, Olivia Petrioni mixed all this together whilst replacing standard casual wear fabrics with more luxurious versions; from duchess satin bomber jackets to super-stretch velour tracksuits. Rude boy can you get it up? Or should that be rude girls?

    olivia petrioni

  • rhiannon wakefield

    Rhiannon is from Suffolk. Her collection was inspired by the abstract Modernist landscapes of Ben Nicholson. She used synthetic fabrics that she could sublimate, artfully screen printing her designs on to neoprene.


    rhiannon wakefield

  • adam chudecki

    Adam took inspiration from the New Romantic and Goth subcultures and effeminate dressing, with the aim to create a new silhouette for a new take on evening wear. It’s always nice to take a casual approach. Lots of printed soft cotton, tulle and velvet.


    adam chudecki

  • helen maradus

    Helen's inspirations came from clouds, cartoons, animals and all sorts of other childish things, from baby carriers to cuddly toys. Lycra, neoprene and wool were used for their tough nature and neat characteristics. Comfortable and fun with stong silhouettes and oversized proportions.


    helen maradus

  • bonnie bowley

    Bonnie is half French and half English. Initially inspired by the photo series Sad Farewell by Duane Michals, she began to research a story between two midnight lovers in a lonely city. Her print designs were influenced by the neon work of Tracy Emin, Tim Noble and Sue Webster and layered over slogan tops with sparking outerwear and oversized eyelets.

    Bonnie Bowley