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top 5 ming xi on set goofs. work hard play harder.

Life is too short not to lol the days away. Ming Xi invites us on set to have some fun, fun, fun! Model on duty doesn't mean all work, no play, don't ya know? First appearing in i-D in 2010, Ming has captured our hearts with her infectious smile and amazing style. Here she reveals her top 5 ways to stay sound and sane on set. All in a hard day's work!

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Text and photography Ming Xi  

  • being in hair and make-up doesn't mean you have to sit still...

    "Even when I'm being made up, I am still restless and occupied. You can usually find me with a drink in one hand and my phone in the other!"


    hair and make-up in the am!

  • fun always attracts fun

    "You've always got to see the fun in everything you do. Here I'm imitating Samara from The Ring, just because this set piece reminded me of a wonky TV screen."

    the ring master

  • disco nap, anyone?

    "Sometimes after a long day of shooting… you just want to collapse onto something. Anything."


    anything will do!

  • no snacking, no snapping

    "I'm definitely not shy about devouring everything that's on set. My appetite always comes first! This is delicious!"



  • Victory!

    "When I'm done eating I feel empowered and energised... enough to wrestle anything (or anyone!) and be victorious."

    ready to roar!