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top 5 andy warhol films

"My idea of a good picture is one that’s in focus and of a famous person." To celebrate the opening of one of Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules we take a look at five of his dreamiest flicks. When it comes to some people, 15 minutes of fame is more like forever.

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Text Tish Weinstock
Film still courtesy The Andy Warhol Museum

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  • poor little rich girl

    Shot in 1965, Poor Little Rich Girl shows a day in the life of model Edie Sedgwick. After waking up at four p.m. in her New York apartment, the black and white film shows the socialite chatting on the phone, lying on her bed, smoking a pipe, and ordering some orange juice. Later she’s seen talking to her friend Chuck Wein about various friends they know and how she spent her entire inheritance in just six months ("I just don’t know what to do?!")


  • blow job

    Just like with his cans of soup, when it comes to Andy Warhol, what you see is what get. In this case what you’re getting is a blow job, or at least that’s what DeVerne Bookwalter’s getting, and he seems to be rather enjoying it. Shot in black and white, and without any sound, Blow job is a 35-minute (yup!) close-up of Bookwalter’s face as someone unseen services him. Well, it ain’t gonna suck itself...

  • chelsea girls

    Starring Brigid Berlin, Mary Woronov, and The Velvet Underground's Nico, Chelsea Girls follows the lives of several Warhol Superstars living in New York's famous Chelsea Hotel. Presented as a split screen, and set to an original soundtrack, the film was Warhol’s most commercially successful. Featuring a girl constantly in tears, a woman high on drugs, an angry priest, a strip tease, and an LSD-induced rap, it’s certainly one of his most controversial.

  • women in revolt

    Filmed in 71, as a satire of the women’s liberation movement, Women in Revolt stars transgender super babes Jackie Curtis, a virgin with a taste for politics, Holly Woodlawn, a nymphomaniac who hates men but also loves them, and Candy Darling, an aloof heiress who’s in love with her brother. Together they form a small group called P.I.G  (Politically Involved Girls) and retaliate against sexual discrimination by trying to administer an enema.

  • trash

    Shot in 1970, and starring Holly Woodlawn and Joe Dallesandro, Trash follows a day in the life of Joe, a junkie who can never get erect, much to the grievance of his girlfriend Holly. Perpetually on drugs or else always looking for them, Joe spends the day trying to trick Welfare into giving him methadone, faking a pregnancy, and overdosing in front of an upper-class couple.