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part 4: the a-z of beauty models tell us their secrets

We snuck behind the scenes of the A-Z of Beauty film to indulge in a proper little pamper party with some of the world's hottest models. Part 1 brought you Anja Rubik's smoky eye tips, Part 2 Lindsey Wixson's pearls of wisdom, 3 was all about the insanely cute Xiao Wen Ju and now in Part 4, find out what Sam Rollinson and Nadja Bender like to eat, how Devon Windsor stays looking fresh, who Holly Rose Emery's favourite Victoria's Secret Angel is and what Constance Jablonski looked like back in the day. Oh, and keep an eye out for Part 5, coming soon!

Make-up Isamaya Ffrench

Fashion Director Sarah Richardson
Casting Director Angus Munro
Hair Vi Sapyyapy
Nail Technician Lorandy Mua
Casting Coordinator Margareta von Oswald
Styling Assistant Alice Lefons
Hair Assistants Celine Decruz, Amelie Gallon, Luciano Corcovado, Thiphaine Hattenville
Make-up Assistants Alisonn Fetouaki, Joshua Wilks

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  • sam rollinson

    What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
    Look at my phone, more for the time than anything else really.

    Who is the most beautiful person in the world?
    My flatmate Charlotte Wiggins is pretty beautiful. 

    What makes someone beautiful?
    You can be obviously beautiful but you can be beautiful and not very nice which kind of cancels it out. 

    What’s your favourite i-D moment?
    My cover with Alasdair McLellan and Jane How. It was the first shoot where I smiled. Now I get asked all the time. My Grandma really likes it because she always asks me why I look so mardy all the time! 

    What’s next?
    Home to London, cant wait!

    What’s your favourite meal?
    Lamb stew.

    Sam wears dress Versace. Earrings model’s own.


    sam r

  • devon windsor

    What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
    Check my phone; messages, Instagram, the time.

    What’s your best beauty tip? 

    Sleep is super important, and hydration, too. Drink loads of water and get roughly ten hours sleep a night. That usually sorts me out. 

    What has been your favourite show this season?
    Tom Ford was really fun, the designer and the clothes were amazing. Tom always wants the girls to have fun, so no zombie walks there! 

    What’s your favourite i-D moment so far?
    I was made into a hologram once at a party in New York, it was the first time it had been done so that was really exciting.



  • nadja bender

    Who is the most beautiful person in the world?
    Bianca Balti. I like natural beauty, her eyes are amazing!

    What makes someone beautiful?
    Confidence, knowing who you are, embracing what you like about yourself instead of focusing on what you don’t like. 

    What’s your favourite i-D moment?
    Gemma Ward on the cover with the roses. That really stuck in my mind. She looked like a beautiful alien. 

    If you could do a body swap with another model, who would you choose?

    What’s next for Bender?
    Home to Mum’s cooking! It’s been too long, I think it was Christmas Eve. 

    What do you hope she’s cooking?

    Fried pork, potatoes and parsley sauce.

    Nadja wears dress Chanel.



  • holly rose emery

    What’s your favourite beauty product?
I think it’s called Lucas Papaw Ointment. It’s an Australian thing and it’s the best thing for your lips.


What makes someone beautiful?
As people often say, beauty comes from within, and I guess I kind of agree because in my eyes a genuine, caring person is much more appealing than a rotten egg.


Have you ever wanted to look like someone else?
Is there enough room for a list of people I've wanted to look like? But if I had to pick one - probably Candice Swanepoel, she's gorgeous!

    What’s your favourite i-D cover?
    Abbey Lee, it's always the first to come to mind. 

    What’s your best i-D moment?
    Getting honey all over my face to make it glossy!

    Holly Rose wears vest River Island.


    Holly Rose wears vest River Island.

  • constance jablonski

    What’s your favourite part of your face?
    The fact that I have two completely different profiles. Asymmetry is the best asset for a model chameleon. 

    What makes someone beautiful?
    Beauty is all about being happy with yourself and with your life. A beautiful person is someone confident, happy and generous. 

    What is the future of fashion?
    Google glasses? Oh no wait, they just came out... A virtual personal stylist?

    Have you ever wanted to look like someone else?
    Of course! Like all the women that have inspired me my whole life. When I was younger I wore those huge thick glasses and I was two feet taller than every other kid. I just wanted to be the cool girl and dreamt about wearing contact lenses one day. I was really geeky looking back in the day! 

    What’s your best i-D moment?
    That time I shot the black and white story outside of Paris with Cedric Buchet and Marie Chaix was my personal best i-D moment. I loved the drama of the nature and the free sprit you feel through this story.

    Constance wears earrings Smith/Grey and Zara Simmons. Make-up Estée Lauder.