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part 2: the a-z of beauty models tell us their secrets

We caught up with all the girls in the A-Z of Beauty film backstage, and part 2 reveals how Amanda Murphy got a prom date, Lindsey Wixson got over food poisoning during the Miu Miu campaign, Hollie-May Saker's thoughts on the scouse brow ("fucking horrendous"), Imaan Hammam's face mask recipe and Sigrid Agren's highschool nickname... They're so hot it hurts but they've got personality too!

Make-up Isamaya Ffrench

Fashion Director Sarah Richardson
Casting Director Angus Munro
Hair Vi Sapyyapy
Nail Technician Lorandy Mua
Casting Coordinator Margareta von Oswald
Styling Assistant Alice Lefons
Hair Assistants Celine Decruz, Amelie Gallon, Luciano Corcovado, Thiphaine Hattenville
Make-up Assistants Alisonn Fetouaki, Joshua Wilks

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  • amanda murphy

    What’s your favourite part of your face?
    People always say my cheekbones so I am going to go with what everyone else thinks.

    What’s your beauty regime?
    There isn’t one, really, it’s a good day when I can do nothing at all. I don’t think I even own a brush. It’s important for me to give my skin a rest. When I fly, I use Cetaphil mixed with Elizabeth Arden all over. Usually twice. I need the moisture. 

    Who's the most beautiful person in the world?
    I think anyone who strives to be different and creative, someone who loves what they do and is passionate about it.

    If you could look like anyone else who would it be?
    Honestly, growing up I was bullied and I never felt beautiful at all. My biggest problem was getting a date for the school dance. It took me a while to become comfortable with myself. Struggling like I did I think I owe it to myself. Now I'm happy being who I am I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Which make-up artists have you had the best time working with?
Pat McGrath of course. A) because she is amazing and passionate and B) because I feel she is part of my fashion family.

    Amanda wears top Gucci.

    Amanda wears top Gucci.

  • lindsey wixson

    What’s your favourite part of your face?
    My nose, it’s small and non-existent. 

    What makes a person beautiful?
    Their attitude about life. Obviously someone’s appearance, but that is totally subjective. People who are rude or mean can cancel it out. To have an understanding and respect for people is a good quality to have. 

    Do you have a favourite picture of yourself?
    My boyfriend took some pictures recently for Rika magazine. I love them. To be able to have a genuine reaction and connection captured is important and the whole point I suppose of photography. 

    If you had the chance to work with anyone tomorrow who would you choose?
    I miss working with Mert and Marcus and Edward Enninful. It’s always so fun and the pictures speak for themselves. I remember the Miu Miu campaign - I was so young and had no idea what I was doing. They literally had to pose me like a doll! I remember I ate fish that day and was so ill… still, it must have been good if I still have fond memories. 

    What’s next, after the madness of the shows? 

    I really want to go to Puerto Rico - sun and sea and sand, fresh air and a mojito! Plus I am building a house in Kansas so that will be keeping me busy.

    Lindsey wears jumper Nike vintage. Earrings Aurélie Bidermann.


    Lindsey wears jumper Nike vintage. Earrings Aurélie Bidermann.

  • hollie-may saker

    What’s your favourite part of your face?
    My mouth ‘cause I eat with it. Amongst other things... 

    What’s your beauty regime?
    Being a moody bitch (comment from boyfriend), bioderm and water. 

    Who is the most beautiful person in the world?
    Binx or my grandma.

    Describe your look…
    Very natural thanks to Francois Nars.

    What’s your take on Liverpool beauty?
    It’s fucking horrendous. It’s a crime against eyebrows. The scouse brow is the worst thing to ever come out of Liverpool! 

    What’s the best?
    Chips, cheese and gravy (a lot of gravy).

    Hollie-May wears jumper Acne. Necklace model’s own.


    Hollie-May Saker

  • imaan hammam

    What’s your favourite part of your face?
    Nose, it’s not too big and it kinda works with my face. 

    What’s your beauty secret?
    Home made face-masks, they are amazing for your skin. My mum taught me how; if you scrub well and mix together honey and saffron, it gives your skin a good shine and glow. Totally cleans my pores. 

    Lip or eye?
    I think I have tiny eyes so eyes, anything to make them look bigger so people can actually see them! 

What makes someone beautiful? 
What’s inside the person - someone that helps others, thinks about others before themselves, selflessness. 

    What is your career highlight so far?
    The Givenchy spring/summer 14 show. I opened which was such an honour. I also did a small show in New York and Anna Wintour was there. It was funny actually, I kind of froze when I saw her and I think she noticed! It couldn’t have been that bad though. My agent got a call saying she wanted me for an American Vogue shoot, so that was fantastic.



  • sigrid agren

    What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

    Fall back to sleep for at least 5 minutes! Start the day with a treat. 

    Who did you want to be when you were growing up?
Snow white, I was always trying to copy her look. 

    Do you remember your first shoot for i-D?
    Of course. It’s always fun with i-D. It was with Alasdair McLellan. It was very simple and stripped back, no hair or make-up really, not like todays shoot. It took me so long to get that wink right. I don’t think I am a natural winker.

    Do you prefer natural or extreme make-up on a shoot?
I like extreme make-up, but natural is good, too. I like to play around with attitude and mood.

    What was your nickname at school?

    Who's your favourite make-up artist?
    There are so many great ones, but I do feel really gorgeous when it’s Stephane Marais. 

    What is the future of fashion?
    I think print is going to become less and less, digital is the way forward; video more so than still images. People want everything right now so if there was a way of seeing everything as it happens then that has to be the way forward.

    Sigrid wears earrings Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane.


    sigrid agren