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isamaya ffrench's how to: chinese opera inspired tribal mask

I love a bit of lolz makeup! I’ll accept anything whacky or tacky. If it’s OTT it’s a bit of me! If it ain’t bright then it ain’t right! (Sorry, I blame the word count). As you can probably tell by now, I think it’s great to experiment with shapes and colours and to just have a bit of fun with your makeup. So here, in true painterly style, I'll be using simple face paints to create a weird Chinese Opera inspired tribal mask thingy.

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Text Isamaya Ffrench
Photography Piczo

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  • 1. load up a blusher brush with a good helping of blue and white face paint

    "I like to use Kryolan’s Aqua colours as they make an almost infinite choice of colours (its actually where God buys all his colours when he makes rainbows and stuff like that). Sweep the paint across the cheeks, forehead, lips and chin – don’t worry about being neat."



    Step 1

  • 2. outline and fill in an ellipse around the eye...

    "...with a black, tapering off to a flirtatious flick at the edge of the eye."



    Step 2

  • 3. with a rich red, begin to outline swirling shapes around the face...

    "...kind of following the natural contours but still keeping the shapes abstract and interesting. Have a look at Chinese theatre masks for inspiration! Remember to include a gorgeous red lip at some point – obviously."


    Photography Piczo

  • 4. fill in the outlines with red

    "And neaten up any gaps or messy bits with the blue you used at the beginning."


    Step 4

  • 5. outline all the red shapes with a thin black lip liner

    "And you’re done! Be aware that if you choose to go out like this, every drunk bloke in the room will be trying to get their picture taken with you and you'll have to repeat the words, “about 25 minutes,” all night long when they ask you how long it took. Lol."


    Step 5