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part 1: the a-z of beauty models tell us their secrets

A thing of beauty is a joy forever! i-D's A-Z of Beauty film is exploding with joy - 26 gorgeous models from all over the world were each given exotic make-overs by Beauty Editor Isamaya Ffrench. From Xiao Wen Ju covered in glittery pigment to a super smudged Caroline Brasch Nielsen; the permatanned Devon Windsor and yolo-ing Charlotte Free, all I see is beautiful people! We go behind the scenes to find out how these dreamboats stay mighty fine 24/7, bringing their beauty secrets to you in five parts. First up? Perfect Polish Anja Rubik, Estonian stunner Katlin Aas, Muse in more ways than one - Arizona, cat-eyed cat-lover Meghan Collison and sk8r-girl Binx. This bevy of beauties is making us blush...

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Make-up Isamaya Ffrench

Fashion Director Sarah Richardson
Casting Director Angus Munro
Hair Vi Sapyyapy
Nail Technician Lorandy Mua
Casting Coordinator Margareta von Oswald
Styling Assistant Alice Lefons
Hair Assistants Celine Decruz, Amelie Gallon, Luciano Corcovado, Thiphaine Hattenville
Make-up Assistants Alisonn Fetouaki, Joshua Wilks

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  • anja rubik

    What’s your beauty regime? 
    Beauty is a healthy glowing skin, I use lots and lots of moisturiser. If I go out it’s all about a black liner and no mascara, mascara makes me feel too girly.

    Who is the most beautiful person in the world?
Charlotte Rampling.

Do you think you would swap if given the chance?
In a heartbeat! There is something in her eyes, an intensity that is to die for.

    What makes someone beautiful?
    Confidence and a good heart. I believe all evil comes from a lack of confidence and insecurity. 

    Which make-up artists have you loved working with?

    They are all so different, it’s hard to say! Lisa Butler is cuckoo, she is like a volcano of creativity. Wendy Rowe is about amazing skin, Stephane Marais always creates something iconic and Dick Page looks like he has just been in the forest chopping down trees. A gentle giant. I also love how Tom Pecheux supports young designers and Pat Mcgrath knows a girl’s face and works with it. She is brilliant at adapting, even on shows to understand what will work best with each individual girl.

    Anja wears t-shirt Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Earrings model’s own.


    anja rubik

  • katlin aas

    Any beauty tips to pass on? 
I moisturise a LOT. Like - a LOT. I cant stress that enough A LOT [continues to talk about moisturiser for quite some time].

    Lip or Eye?

    What make’s someone beautiful? 

    Their personality, their view on the world. 

    What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? 

    Open my eyes. 

    Are there any beauty faux pas’ in your past where you look back and think, “what was I thinking?”

    I don’t really regret anything although my flame-red, home-cut bangs in 5th grade was a low point. That was kind of unforgivable, it was like a red helmet.

    Did you enjoy getting wet with me today?
    Yes!!! [screaming]

    Katlin wears dress Veronique Branquinho. Earrings Fendi.


    katlin aas

  • arizona muse

    What’s your beauty secret?
    Lots of sleep.

    Lip or Eye?
    Eye, I have crooked lips so there is good reason why!

    Who is the most beautiful person in the world?
    My son Nikko, obviously.

    What makes someone beautiful?
    Good lighting. Just kidding!

    What’s been your favourite i-D moment?
    I remember this one time, I was on set with Sarah Richardson and Richard Bush, they brought in this old issue from 1982 I think. Just stapled together. It was incredible to see how far it’s come. It’s always a privilege to be involved, i-D has such a rich and influential past.

    What’s your favourite cover?
    The cover Emma Summerton shot of Gemma Ward in the roses.

    What is the future of fashion?
    I think it’s a return to traditionalism, reviving old fashion houses and craftsmanship - something that isn’t trend led. Just well-made, beautiful things.

    Arizona make-up Estée Lauder. 



  • meghan collison

    What’s your favourite part of your face?
    My eyes, they sink ships.

    Any good beauty tips to share?
    Drink LOTS of Water and DON’T go in the sun.

    Who is the most beautiful person in the world?
    Jane Birkin.

    What makes someone beautiful?

    First thing you do when you wake up?
    Check my iPhone.

    Favourite i-D memory?
    I think it was my cover shot by Patrick Demarchelier and Edward Enninful, standing in the desert butt-naked is always fun.

    I am always seeing pictures of your cat, tell me more…
    Her name’s Penny and she is my fur child. I adore her, we are more than just friends. It’s a spiritual thing. God, I don’t sound too strange don’t I?

    What’s your number one tip for surviving fashion week?
    A BIG American coffee. My first coffee is my favourite time of the day. Mmm, that first sip, it’s all about that extra large, vanilla latte.

    Meghan wears necklace Lanvin.


    meghan collison

  • binx

    What’s your favourite part of your face?

    What’s your beauty regime?
    Water and lotion.

    Who is the most beautiful person in the world? 

    Lip or eye?

    How would you describe your look today?
    Very colourful - like abstract, Cirque du Soleil, fierce and tribal. A Picasso and Mondrian love child!

    What’s your definition of beauty?
    Beauty is someone who knows themselves and is comfortable as a person.

    Binx wears earrings Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.


    Binx wears earrings Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.