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isamaya ffrench's how to: lip service

This week we are celebrating beauty! And what's more beautiful than getting your angles right and posting a selfie on Instagram? In this series of make-up how tos, I asked five girls (who look good from all angles btw) to capture each step with their phones. Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is looking ace, Wednesday's child is on their phone, Thursday's child is throwing a pose, Friday's child is getting her angles right, Saturday's child works it day and night, but the child who is born on the Sabbath Day is checking her likes throughout the day! Today we’re going to set you up with a gorgeous glossy lip and graphic eye combo, scroll down to get the look...

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Text Isamaya Ffrench
Photography Piczo

  • 1. Outline your lips in the deepest, darkest, pink lip pencil you have

    "I love MAC’s lip pencil in Beet, because it's not too chalky and it runs smoothly over your lip line."


    Step 1

  • 2. Fill the lips in with a funky coloured lip stain

    "Take the colour right up to the line with a lip stain that’s a few shades lighter than you lip liner - if you’re feeling adventurous I recommend one with a touch of neon! I’m using Kryolan’s lip stain in POP because (I think the name of the product says it all) it is like a cross between a lipstick and a stain so it provides total lip coverage."



    Step 2

  • 3. Wack on a coat of gloss over the lips

    "Use something that has a touch of glitter 'cause it adds that extra dimension to your gorgeous pout! Givenchy's lip glosses are perfect for this as they sit well on the lip and won't bleed into the lip line. Tidy up any little smudges with a Q-tip and a bit of make-up remover."




    Step 3

  • 4. Apply eyeliner

    "Using a gel eyeliner, like Bobbi Brown's black gel liner, take a thin paintbrush and sweep strokes across the socket of the eye and across the lid, crossing the lines a little as you go."



    Step 4