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secretly great danes

According to the internet, Denmark is one of the happiest nations on earth with one of the best qualities of life and some of the most attractive human produce around. As well as boasting obviously great Danes like Lars Von Trier, fairytale king Hans Christian Andersen and models Helena Christiansen and Freja Beha Erichsen, there are also plenty of secretly Danish people working their native magic throughout time and space.

Text Francesca Dunn


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Let Nadja Bender teach you Danish in our Model Mother Tongue video 

  • the inventor of lego

    Possibly one of the most important people in your childhood, Ole Kirk Christiansen was the inventor of lego and the creator of colourful, brick-shaped dreams. The word lego originally came from 'leg godt', the Danish for play well. Still in the family today, these guys shaped generations of children, brick by brick. Having firmly believed that all fashion shows should be documented this way for quite some time, we were very happy when we discovered Jean Charles de Castelbajac’s Spring/Summer 10 show in lego form. A life without lego is a life half lived. Play on!

  • jamie lannister

    ...and therefore possibly the whole Lannister family? That's right, when the Game of Thrones star isn't busy pretending to fight bears and enjoy incest, he goes by the name Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and is in fact Danish. Here the handsome actor is playing Game of Danish Thrones with Queen Latifa and and bizarrely, an American accent. 

  • the very first emo

    Danish philosopher and poet, Søren Kierkegaard (1813 – 1855) was the first existentialist and a real angsty guy. Spending most of his life and writings diagnosing the problems of boredom, anxiety and despair, he wasn't exactly the happiest theologian around, but he sure did a lot for modern philosophy. #WWSKD? 

  • whigfield

    Without Whigfield's Saturday Night what would we have danced to at school discos? Watch as Sannie Charlotte Carlson hangs out in her pink towel, kissing photos of dreamy 90s boys and readying herself for the night of her life, because the final look is well worth the wait. In fact, let's all wear our hair in four plaits tomorrow! With a dance routine to rival the macarenna, who knew that Whigfield was Danish?

  • aqua

    That's right, Aqua of Dr. Jones and Barbie Girl fame are only bloody Danish too! Who would've guessed it? Probably still one of the best/worst songs of 97, Barbie Girl was taken from their Aquarium album and came with a video starring a very creepy and innacruate portrayal of Ken by Aqua's René. Their first ever UK release, it sat at the top of the charts for three weeks, sold more than 8 million copies and led to a controversial lawsuit between Mattel and MCA Records. The case was dismissed with an apparently very informal judge ruling “the parties are advised to chill."