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the best of fashion on late night tv

So as all you fashion geeks know by now, last week Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker recapped the Met Ball on the Seth Meyers show. Highlights: Anna’s posture and standard beige slingback Manolos, Sarah Jessica’s geekiness and the gentle gossip about the evening’s outfits. Fashion folk don’t go on late-night TV enough! We’d love to see Karl Lagerfeld on Chelsea Lately and Grace Coddington on Fallon. To prove our point we’ve rounded up the most scintillating fashion moments from American late-night TV.

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  • naomi campbell on letterman

    Bear with the quality of this video long enough to appreciate Naomi Campbell in a Halloween costume that includes a leather boob strap as a shirt. What is her costume, exactly? Dominatrix death nymph? There’s no date on this, although a main talking point is the doomed Fashion Cafe, so that places it squarely in the nineties. Fast forward to 4:00, when Naomi answers Dave’s question: “Is fashion week a real deal?”

  • isaac mizrahi on craig ferguson

    We miss Isaac Mizrahi. Remember Unzipped, and the year he made tween Natalie Portman a star? Bless his heart, despite some brand licensing issues Mizrahi is still hilarious. Isaac deserves to be on a slightly more top-shelf show, although the faux-gay chemistry between the two is quite strong.

  • gisele bundchen on conan o’brien

    Smart, geeky, American girls all grew up hoping they would get to marry Conan O’Brien one day. So when he invited supermodels to the show there was a lot of jealousy in living rooms from Maryland to Montana. Conan flirting is just the best, and Conan flirting with the world’s most beautiful woman is pure gold. How would the world have been different if Gisele had chosen brains over brawn? We can only go down the YouTube rabbit hole and imagine...

  • tom ford on jimmy kimmel

    Fashion designers can only really get on TV once they appear in a rap song. Tom Ford adorably admits to Jimmy Kimmel that he had to go on rap translator to decipher Jay Z’s hit song featuring him. Bonus points for Kimmel’s rainbow-macrame suit, in which he sewed a little Tom Ford label. Because, after all, fashion is LOLZ!

  • anna wintour and sarah jessica parker on seth meyers

    Now that Anna’s daughter Bee is working for Seth Meyers, we hope that this will become a regular feature. Hell, just give Anna her own show! We’d love to see her cut everyone down to size, like when she tells SJP that she talks too much in this clip. The Anna show would include gems such as: “His studs are made of onyx and they should have been mother-of-pearl.” Priceless.