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nadja bender's guide to copenhagen

Welcome to Copenhagen - the land of Vikings, fishing adventures, Hans Christian Andersen, and a statue of The Little Mermaid (rumour has it she comes to life under moonlight!) - Nadja Bender will be your model tour guide today. Please make sure you have your belts fastened and your seats in the upright position, nobody likes a sloucher. In case of an emergency, please have your iPhones at the ready and don’t forget to use the hashtag #i<3Denmark. All aboard the Bender Express!

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Let Nadja teach you how to speak Danish

  • atelier september

    Our first stop is Copenhagen’s cosiest haunt: Atelier September. It doesn’t matter that we’re in the month of May; this Danish delight is open all year round. Come here for really good coffee, organic wine, and a snuggly, cuddly atmosphere. Bring a date, bring your brother, bring a mate, or bring your mother.

    atelier september

  • fiskebaren

    As you will see on your right, we are approaching our next destination: Fiskebaren, the best fish restaurant in the city. Whether it’s salmon or sea bass which floats your boat, thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy and this is the perfect place to get it. They also have the best drinks here too.

    Fiskebaren Copenhagen

  • barburrito

    Next stop: Barburrito. Alight here for amazing margaritas and fun Mexican vibes. Salud!

    Barburrito Copenhagen

  • borgerkroen

    For those of you in search of some teenage kicks, our next stop, Borgerkroen, has your name written all over it (in Danish, of course, now that you can speak it fluently!). Break the rules and smoke inside, just like you did when you were a kid. You can also drink beer out of a can here, old school stylee.

    borgerkroen copenhagen

  • club sunday

    We are now arriving at our final destination: Club Sunday. Please remember to pick up all of your belongings, but leave your dignity here, you won’t be needing that where you’re going. For serious clubbers: your bender has only just begun.

    Club Sunday