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lip sync for your life in rupaul's drag race

When you’re a drag queen, you gotta be able to beat that face (flawlessly apply your makeup), sissy that walk (walk like a lady) and lip sync for your life (mime a song in a dramatic fashion). You can’t just rely on that body-ody-ody (hot bod). But, what RuPaul looks for in his gargoyles (girls) constantly changes. It’s sort of her thing. One year she had an appetite for something kooky and spooky in a wardrobe of black; this year, it’s all about serving fish and channelling Anna Nicole Smith. However, there’s one thing that’s dead certain, when it’s your turn to lip sync for your life, you need to throw some serious shapes. The reason for this is that it’s always in vogue. By good shapes, Ru means making Egyptian hieroglyphs, successfully completing a death drop in time with the music and posing like a cover girl, not just whipping your hair, thrusting your hips and twerking. In RuPaul’s Drag Race, his girls pull out every trick and slay almost any song, so we thought we’d celebrate in the best way possible: by rounding up our top 5 favourite lip syncs for your life... And don’t f**k it up.

Text Adam Fletcher

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  • monsoon season

    Here, Jinkx Monsoon and Detox battle it out to enter the top three to win Drag Race. But, with her impressive body rolls and operatic mime, Jinkx worked double-duty in this thunderstorm and stole the crown.

  • lush layering

    Why wear one wig when two looks even prettier? This was the thinking in Season 5. Also, why wear one dress all night when you could look so stunning in a leotard? Rip it real good Roxxxy Andrews.

  • snake charmer

    There’s a new way to elongate your face without contouring: wear a Medusa headpiece, like Shannel. It will make all your round face days seem so far away. However, we can’t promise it will stay on your head.

  • look apocalypse

    When time is short and it’s the end of the world, what you gonna do? Wrap yourself in aluminium foil, then jiggle, wiggle and dip it to the floor, like Ms Jiggly Caliente. Deuces.

  • au naturel

    Lip-syncing can be all fun and games, but there are some ground rules. Number one: “never remove your wig while performing, unless you’re wearing another wig underneath.” Rule number two: don’t ignore the rhythm and do whatever you want. And finally, don’t bounce around and pirouette while you are pregnant and lip-syncing to Aretha Franklin. Kenya, sashay away. Latrice Royale, you stay.