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miley cyrus’ biggest bangerz

Twerk it out baby, Miley’s o2 show was last night in London town. In celebration, here are our favourite moments from the weird, wild and wonderful world of the world’s number one tongue…

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  • the time when she sang jolene with dolly parton

    If there’s one thing we love more than Miley, it’s Dolly. Three years ago, Miley and her actual Godmother in actual real life, backcombed their hair, flung on some light denim ‘n’ tassels and celebrated Independence Day in style by singing the Parton classic Jolene. Like Brandy and Monica, but somehow even better.

  • her hannah montana audition tape

    Before she got that Hollywood smile, 12 year-old Miley was like any other starry-eyed hopeful on the trail to fame, fortune, tantrums and tattered dreams. Initially auditioning for the role of Zoe, the Nashvillian was upgraded to the show’s double-life leading star; As Hannah, Cyrus slays ‘em. Absolutely slays ‘em.

  • sippin’ gin ‘n’ juice with snoop

    Looks like it’s best we all just forget about Snoop Lion now (Snoop apparently has), but lets consider this collab for just one moment. Destiny Hope ‘Miley’ Cyrus: Calvin Cordozar ‘Snoop Dogg’ Broadus Jr. Long Beach: Tennessee. Murder Was The Case: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Yes, it might be one of the worst songs committed to whatever mp3’s are made of (actually, what are mp3’s made of?) but can you imagine Snoop’s face when he heard Miley had agreed to sing these lyrics: “Now my buzz is gone, I need to re-up on reality.” Miley, we feel you m8.

  • the first song on her album

    Adore You. What a tune. The video, in the hands of anyone other than Miley, could come off as a Dove advert, but there’s the tatts, the sideshave, the plentiful self licking to ensure this is absolutely nothing like a Dove advert. Alongside Wrecking Ball, Adore You, is one of the best songs evah.

  • miley x madonna

    I mean, sure, Madonna could literally be Miley’s grandmother, perhaps even great granny at a push, but what’s not hot about a 53 year-old getting off with a 21 year-old? Exactly. If you can watch this in its 3 minutes and 20 second entirety, congratulations, you beat us. It’s when Madge starts bumping and grinding and then Miley goes for the backwards bump. It’s just... I… just… can’t.