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strike a pose with shaun ross and his ultimate voguers

Originating in the 80s Harlem ballroom scene, voguing was brought to the mainstream by Madonna's iconic black and white video for Vogue in 1990. Model, actor and dancer Shaun Ross learnt the moves by watching videos of the expressive stars of the scene on YouTube. "A lot of the new houses coming up are really great, like House of Pucci and House of Juicy. They’re all really cool, but these are the best voguers in my opinion..." Don't just stand there, let's get to it. Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

Text Francesca Dunn

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  • Willi Ninja

    Willi Ninja was truly fabulous. The American dancer and choreographer was considered the godfather of voguing and best known for his appearance in the documentary Paris Is Burning. The self-taught performer died in 2006 aged just 45.

  • Pony Zion

    According to his twitter bio, Pony Zion is a celebrity choreographer, artistic director, dancer, recording artist and founder of Vogue Evolution from US show America's Best Dance Crew. He's got a lot going on.


  • Leiomy 'Mizrahi' Maldonado

    Underground ballroom sensation Leiomy is known for her death drops and matrix-like moves. Also a member of Vogue Evolution, rumour has it that Beyonce even used some of her moves in the Single Ladies routine.


  • Kassandra Ebony

    This young dancer is seriously talented. Watch as he takes you on a tour of his city...

  • Jose Xtravaganza

    Father of one of the most publically recognised voguing houses in the world, Jose is an icon. Not only did he choreograph Madonna's Vogue music video (getting nominated for an MTV Award in the process), he later appeared in her video for Justify My Love.