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it's may day! that gorgeous holiday!

Deck yourself out in your finest ribbons, twirl round a (May) Pole and locate your nearest troupe of Morris Dancers for some Hey Nonny Nonny. After all, "it’s the lusty month of May, when everyone goes blissfully astray…" Get inspired for a Monday Fun Day with our top five famous May Day moments...

Text David Ettridge

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  • monty python, mayday in england

    Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about May Day can be found in this instructional clip. We’re assured that this is in fact a documentary and thus to be taken exactly at face value. Just be careful with that fish slapping dance.


  • camelot, the lusty month of may

    Has Vanessa Redgrave ever been lovelier? Lerner & Loewe’s musical version of the King Arthur legend contains this glorious hymn to the virtues (and vices) of the month of May and should be taken as your template for all May Day and May Day-adjacent picnics. 


  • the wicker man

    The sinister flip to Camelot’s sunshine, if you want to delve into the murkier side of May Day celebrations - and who wouldn’t - let the citizens of Summerisle be your guide. Sumer is Icumen in and if it takes a virgin sacrifice, so be it.


  • airplane!

    Of course, after all that frivolity you might need an escape plan…


  • a view to a kill

    One of the best traditions is the crowning of the May Queen. And who better for the title than the ultimate Grace Jones? Sporting Azzedine Alaïa and effortlessly showing James Bond, and everyone else, who’s boss, May Day is not to be messed with.