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Riri's top video moments, please don't stop the music!

First she was good and then she went bad and now she’s about to be crowned Fashion Icon of the Year by the CFDA. What’s her name? Rihanna of course. Queen of the boyfriend jacket (Drake, Chris, Cara – lose anything?) and slits that go all the way up to her foof, the Robyn Fenty look has sent ripples through the fashion world from Tom Ford’s autumn/winter 14 collection through to River Island and beyond. In celebration of everybody's favourite Instagrammer, we take a look at our favourite Riri moments.

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  • pour it up real good

    Proving Miley Cyrus ain’t got nothing on her when it comes to werkin’ that twerk, the video for Pour It Up sees Bad Gal Riri flap her bottom as if it was an electric fan. Dripping in diamonds, smoking a cigar, dry-humping the floor, and chucking lots of money around the place, Rihanna really is good girl gone bad. Oh na na.


  • You can stand under my umbrella any day

    When the sun shines, we shine together, when it comes to Rihanna, we could be here forever. Bringing a whole new meaning to the humble Umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh), this is the song that placed the Rude Boy singer firmly on the map; brought the a-symmetrical hair crop back into salons and made rainy London fun again. Let the rain pour…


  • Fee fie fo fum I smell the blood of a Bajan

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me. Sellotaped against a wall, taking Perez Hilton for a walk on a leash, and being bound up Kinbaku-bi style while wearing a dummy – Rihanna sure knows how to parrrrdy. Na na na come on!


  • It’s like you’re screaming, and no one can hear

    Channelling an episode of Skins in the video for We Found Love, Rihanna takes her Navy on a whirlwind tour of the ups and downs of being in love and living in East London.  Lots of moody stares, squinty eyes, brothel creepers, spinning in a trolley, dancing in a field, making out in McDonalds (hello there Dudley O’Shaughnessy) and vomiting up colourful ribbons, what more could you want? Minus the bad breakup, obvs.


  • Time for your sponge bath Mr Fenty

    We know it was World Water Day the other week, where it was all showers, one loo flush per five number twos and turning the tap off while cleaning your toothpegs, but bathtime with Rihanna is something that should never be missed - drought or no drought. It’s getting cold so jump in quick: you bring the loofah, we’ll get the duck, and let’s stay in there until we shine bright like a diamond.