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Top 5 Events of Milan’s Design Week

The most exciting events of Milan’s Design Week. I've walked around the Fuorisalone 2014, and I found that digital lived together with children’s drawings, memory got mixed up with technology and innovation. I could see past and present live together in every corner of Milan, where the sound of nostalgia and adventure mixed together have been the soundtrack of Design Week. Here you are five perfect examples of this mixture.

Nik Piras


    “RETHINK DEEP - An Immersive mirror box" by Marco Klefish for Microsoft Internet explorer is an analogic/digital tool shaped like an harp. It can create digital landscapes, that thanks to countless mirrors are reflected without an end, breaking down the limits of the horizon.



    Michele Chiossi collected all the iconic symbols of Milan, which bring us to mind the winter skies, the grey post-war buildings and the boiling hot summer pavements of the city. Every piece elevates the “greyness” of the town in a sort of philosophy and sensibility. Chiossi's artistic research pass through the permanent re-elaboration of those aesthetic codes, and everything in his work is there for a reason.



    Aquarium by teamLab is a digital fish tank with children-drawn fishes swimming in it. Kids can draw colorful shapes as they like on paper, scan them and let them swim together. Fishes with the same shape move together creating a shoal, and kids can feed them too.



    The Dome created by Arthur Huang for Nike is a bubble which celebrates progress and sustainable development. Inspired by the Da Vinci's drawing of a triangular parachute and in Alexander Graham Bell's five-sides kite, this Aero-static Dome captures the strenght and the endurance of wind. The structure is able to stand up thanks to a vertical aerostatic push.



    A colorful mini-zoo by Marni lives into a white concrete box marked by the passing time. Giraffes, ostriches, rabbits, ducks, donkeys and flamingos are made out by metal and PVC in bright colors, standing nearby the new Marni seats charity project in limited edition.