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clap clap clap! we love Soul Clap's Top 5 tunes

As Soul Clap get ready to drop their new full length studio album, Dancing On The Charles Vol. 2, we find out their top 5 tunes on regular rotation in their sets. Listen.

Text Soul Clap

  • Juice Belushi - Rain Dance

    Juice Belushi - Rain Dance

  • The Genevan Heathen - Love My Life (Soul Clap's Toned Like Loc Remix)

    "We love our life as long as we're on tour together."

  • Todd Terje - Johnny and Mary ft. Bryan Ferry

    "Bryan Ferry featured on a modern day electronic, how can you go wrong?"

  • PillowTalk - Devils Run

    "Our favorite tune from the new PillowTalk album, reminds us of listening Bruce Springsteen with fireworks in the background."

  • Wuss + Lame - Rapture Edit

    WL by Kieran Behan