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the most beautiful mermaids we've ever seen

Down where they swim, down where they float, down where they have no use for a boat; floatin’ free – wish we could be part of the mer-world. And now, thanks to dreamy director Sofia Coppola, who’s been enlisted to tell the tail of the Sea King’s youngest daughter, we can! Delve into the ocean where the water is warm and the sea folk are our friends. Here are the Top 5 mermaids of all time.

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Text Tish Weinstock

  • Under the sea

    "Far out in the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest cornflower, and is as clear as crystal, it is very, very deep… there dwell the Sea King and his subjects.’’ She might have changed a bit from how Hans Christian Andersen first described her, with her gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but Disney’s favourite sea-maiden is still doing things better, down where it’s wetter – take it from me.

  • On stranger tides

    Beautiful but dangerous, Gemma Ward’s evil mermaid Tamera lives at the bottom of Whitecap Bay. Using her siren-like charm and beautiful voice, she lures sailors to their deaths with the promise of a kiss. Pirates and sea folk beware!

  • Splash!

    With her long blonde hair and coral red tail, Daryl Hannah’s mermaid is the dreamiest of them all. When she’s not exploring long forgotten shipwrecks, rescuing an unconscious Tom Hanks, or breaking every television set on Madison Avenue with her voice, you can find her at the bottom of the deep blue sea, with all her selkie friends.

  • Do you believe in mermaids?

    If mermaids could live on land, lie in baths and sing better than Sonny, then this is what they’d look like. Swapping shimmery scales and a shell bra for her 90s fancy-dress get-up (fingerless gloves and seaweed confetti included) Cher brings this sea nymph to life. However, if she could turn back time, she might wanna rethink the outfit.

  • Yuyi

    "A reincarnation of my birth+artistic spirit.’’ With her squid ink coloured tail and razor sharp gills, Lady Gaga’s mermaid alter ego, Yuyi, is the queen of all sea monsters. Dwelling in the blue lagoon of Hollywood, she waits for her human lover (and former werewolf fromThe Vampire Diaries) to set her free.