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samantha urbani's ultimate karaoke songs

You'd better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it, you'd better never let it go. As both lead singer of FRIENDS and a massive karaoke fan, Samantha Urbani knows all about this, especially when it comes to channelling her inner Rap God. One half of music's tastiest couple, Samantha is not just another chick, she's Dev Hynes' girl and here are her top 5 karaoke killers…

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  • 5. Eminem, Without Me

    "This is a great song to make an entrance with at a boring karaoke session that needs a little controversy. (Several days ago I was on my way to karaoke with Dev, and we met Nsync's most stylish Chris Kirkpatrick on the street just minutes before we would come to perform this classic hit together. One of my biggest life regrets is not asking him how honored he felt to be immortalised by Slim Shady's blatant and unprovoked threat to kick his ass.)"


  • 4. Eminem, The Real Slim Shady

    "Some people don't gotta cuss in their karaoke performances to enjoy their evening. Well I do... so fuck them and fuck you too! Think I give a damn about a Grammy?"


  • 3. Eminem/Dr. Dre, Forgot About Dre

    "Find out who your real friends are by seeing who steps up to be your Dre."


  • 2. Eminem, The Way I Am

    "This is an excellent choice if you've been doing a lot of Eminem karaoke all night and your friends have started to make assumptions about you or feel like they deserve an explanation."


  • 1. Eminem, Berzerk

    "As far as I know there is no official karaoke version for this brand new, very overwhelming Eminem single. Luckily I've listened to it probably 400 times in the last month (Do I like it? Is it good? Both are questions I still ask myself as I compulsively listen again) so just the instrumental will do, as I've memorised every deep/very important/socrates-alluding line, such as "At least I know that I don't know, question is are you bozos smart enough to feel stupid? Hope so."…lol"