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✿ tina outen's easter hairspirations

The pages of i-D are frequently filled with fun times and fabulous hair, and often thanks to Tina Outen. Making hair look good since the age of 16, Tina can usually be found with her hands in the hair of Jennifer Lawrence, Saskia De Brauw and Cara D. With pockets full of awards, she travels the world leaving a rainbow hair trail that people will inevitably follow. Why not go on a hair adventure this Easter? With five fun, fresh looks to choose from, the world is your rainbow and your hair is waiting!

Text and photography Tina Outen

  • get flamingoed

    For the skater boy not the firestarter. Don't be one of the gaggle!

    1. Nick your girlfriends peachy pink extensions and cut them a couple of inches longer than your hair.
    2. Use your Stanley knife for some hacked up texture and her eyelash glue to stick em to your head.
    3. Make sure you leave enough hair to cover the top and rough it all up together with some wax. 

    Tina Outen's hairspiration

  • get zebra'd

    Rock this wicked mohican for the long weekend. You can shave it off on Tuesday morning and your boss will never know any different... 

    1. Get some clippers and bang off the sides. 

    2. Buy from Boots some home bleach and black hair dye. 

    3. Bleach your middle tufts as light as it will go. 

    4. Wash off and mix the black dye. Paint it on every 2 inches making stripes.
    5. Leave 20 mins and wash. (It's good if the black runs into the bleach a bit - it will help take out the yellow). 
    6. Rough it dry with a towel making it stand up and scruff it up with wax. 

    7. Go rock your jungle. 


    Tina Outen's hairspiration

  • get your dust on

    For girls that wanna dream.

    1. Turn your texture edgy by parting from ear to ear and spray dry shampoo close to your scalp until you mark a line that's clearly seen.
    2. Next, spray triangles above your ears, pushing your hair forward and making it whoosh across your face (giving you somewhere to hide and dream behind keeping your massive Good Friday hangover that's still banging secret from your fam on Easter Sunday lunch).

    Tina Outen's hairspiration

  • get twisted

    Get No Doubt Gwen'd!
    1. Make 3 ponytails, twist your hair down on itself and grip in place.
    2. Get some neon hair (you can find it in Paks in Dalston or Harlesden or even Claire's Accessories) and smother it in hair mousse so it goes dry and crunchy.
    3. Give a brush and twist it around your bunches and pin leaving the ends out.
    4. Use some bright hair accessories to secure. 

    5. Add a few neon beads to your eyebrows and you're off. 

    Tina Outen's hairspiration

  • get bowie'd

    Make a good impression with this cute, playful, sweeter than icing sugar look - it's fab for the Easter egg hunt with the fam and even better for your bank holiday night out Rhianna vibes. 

    1. Sweep your locks to one side using as many bows in Easter egg colours as you can, to secure as you go.

    Tina Outen hairspiration