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California love ♥ what not to miss at Coachella

Ferris wheels, fine, fine weather and all the fabulous palm trees your coconut loving heart could desire. There are few festivals as perfectly placed as the Palm Springs-set Coachella, but not only does the West Coast fest deliver on location, location, location, the weekend has become the No.1 spot for discerning music fans eager to watch huge headline acts as well as discover new sounds. You can always rely on Coachella to deliver a surprise or two; in 2006, Daft Punk choose Palm Springs to unveil their totally awesome 3D Pyramid stage set, last year R&B-urolagnia fan R.Kelly joined French rockers Phoenix for a performance of 'Ignition (remix)' and in 2012 Tupac rose from the grave to join Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre via hologram. Who might be resurrected from the dead this year is anyone's guess. For those lucky ticket holder currently headed to Cali, when you're not celebrity spotting in the A-List studded VIP (The Hoff has been know to frequent the fest), drinking alcohol in a specially designated cage (that bits a bit boring tbh and tbh) or watching scantily clad hotties slouching around the site (clothes aren't really a thing at Coachella), there are many bands you won't want to miss this year. As well as Disclosure, Duck Sauce, Haim, Banks, Lorde, Solange, Chromeo, Woodkid, Beck, Blood Orange, Warpaint, Future Islands, Flatbush Zombies etc., etc., who will no doubt be amazing, we've whittled it down to the five we think will be most fantastic. If you’re at Coachella this year do not – repeat – do not miss our fantastic five.

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Text by Hattie Collins


Image: Coachella by Jason Persse




  • 1. Outkast

    Well, duh. These two haven't worked or played together in over seven years, and the best selling Hip Hop duo of all time ever have chosen Coachella as the place to reunite. Awww. If you've ever seen Big Boi and Andre 3000 live onstage together (a rarity as Dre apparently gets terrible stage fright), you know it will be explosive; particularly when Bombs Over Baghdad drops. Sure, the pair will be doing Wireless and the Governor's Ball later in the year, but it’s all about seeing that very first show. For those of us not lucky enough to be at Coachella this year, this will most def be worth staying up and live streaming. Fingers crossed that this means the pair will get back in the st-st-studio and make some more beautiful music. It’s what the world needs right now after all.


  • 2. Chance the Rapper

    With just two mixtapes, One Day and Acid Raps, Chicago’s Chancelor Bennet has become one of Hip Hop’s most in-demand up and comer’s. Indeed he’s so notable that the almighty Drake recently took a shot at the 20 year-old. Perhaps Chance will choose Coachella to respond to Drizzy, but either way, his high-octane, speaker scaling, stage-diving performances are already becoming the stuff of legend. There are a few rappers and a few new acts to catch this year; Chance combines the best of both worlds making him an act you definitely cannot miss.


  • 3. Lana Del Rey

    Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is back! The willowy weird one who sort of dated Axl Rose (did anyone find out if that was actually true?) but who definitely didn’t just kiss J-Law returns with a new album called Ultraviolence later this year. With the new single called West Coast it would certainly seem a shame not to debut new material on the main stage this weekend. As well as forthcoming tunage, the New Yorker will also Play The Hits from her debut Born To Die. A performance that will no doubt hit the headlines.


  • 4. Pharrell

    Lets all just admit it, he's made the song of the year with Happy. Yes, we know it's only April, but come on, what other single is going to touch this multi-generational pleaser that’s so brilliant even scientists have talked about how ace it is? Answer: none. You'll be surprised how many hits the never ageing Virginian has too; from the N.E.R.D back catalogue with Lapdance, Provider, Rock Star and She Wants To Move to collabs like Drop It Like It’s Hot, Frontin, Beautiful, Get Lucky and (the less said about it the better but it will still no doubt go off) Blurred Lines. Like Outkast, we think Skateboard P will use this opportunity to hit up a few of his favourites to join him onstage for a big old musical bromance. We’re involved. Fully.


  • 5. Pet Shop Boys/ Pixies/Bryan Ferry

    Ok, they're all very different but these 'vintage' acts will no doubt show the whippersnappers how it's done. Coachella has a legacy of unearthing classic acts and bringing them back onstage; from The Cure to Siouxsie & The Banshees, Rage Against The Machine, Paul ‘Macca’ McCartney. This year, emo angst peddlers the Pixies will no doubt be popular, but Bryan Ferry stands out as the strongest set to watch at Coachella; his jazzy glam-rock was made for pastels, palm trees and perfect sunsets.