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jean paul gaultier's most fantastical fashion shows

Big girls, small girls, white girls, black girls, boys who dress like girls and girls who dress like boys, celebrities and lookalikes – Jean Paul Gaultier’s catwalk is a multicultural, multisexual realm of enchantment, devoid of discrimination, where everyone is beautiful and anything goes. From collections based completely on Frida Kahlo or Amy Winehouse to those inspired by African Queens or weeping Virgin Mary’s, his themed shows transport you totally, hopelessly into his fascinating world…

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Text Felicity Kinsella

  • autumn/winter 1994

    Braids, nose rings and Björk. Everything you need to look the part for a treacherous, magical voyage and everything that made Jean Paul’s 1994 show The Great Journey, great. Watch on to see supermodels Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Christy Turlington joined by Björk and wrapped in luxurious silks with plaited pigtails and lush furs.

  • spring/summer 95

    Skip to 1.15 to be transported via carousel to the most fantastical fairground you’ve ever had the luck to see… It comes complete with boys, girls, sequins, silk and Isabella Rosslini, but what’s a Jean Paul Gaultier party without Madonna? For the finale of his spring 1995 show Madonna took to the catwalk in a golden dress wheeling an old fashioned black pram. What was in the pram? Press play to find out…

  • spring/summer 1998

    “Siempre color y libertad, amor, paratoda vida!” Colour, freedom, love - lifelong. Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring 1998 collection was a Tribute to Frida Kahlo. He sent a mixture of gothic girls and Frida lookalikes through an arch of orange flowers to walk among baskets of fruit and piles of pumpkins in this vibrant homage to the Mexican artist.

  • spring/summer 2007

    Let the storm rage and the sky darken for My Lady, Madonna is the Queen of Heaven and the Mother of Mercy! The enfant terrible took religious iconography to new, enchanting heights in his 2007 Virgins (or Madonnas) collection. Each and every model wore a halo and walked in lace petticoats or prints of stained glass windows with tears painted on their cheeks. Burlesque pin-up Dita von Teese closed the show, just after she announced her divorce from Marilyn Manson, “it was a bittersweet moment in my life: I couldn’t believe I had been asked, but at the same time my personal life was falling apart.” Jean Paul felt the black teardrops and lace handkerchief was a perfect match for her current state of mind…

  • spring/summer 14

    You’re the one that I want, oh oh oh honey! Sandy eat your heart out, this is the hottest Danny Zuko we’ve seen since 78! Coco Rocha as the quiffy star of Grease, Karlie Kloss as the most hypnotising long-limbed voguer and Hannelore Knut’s tango to Roxanne, all in front of a panel of judges headed up by Rossy de Palmer was a stroke of pure genius. Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest show was a dance with the stars that shows he’s still got it. Life is a cabaret!