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radio gaga, the lady's best music videos

"Greetings Himeros; God of sexual desire, son of Aphrodite. Lay back, and feast as this audio guides you through new and exciting positions." Dressed in a white-feathered showgirl costume, and flanked by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lady Gaga’s latest video for G.U.Y is her dreamiest one to date. In the spirit of all things Gaga, we take a look at her best video moments of all time. Love me love me, please retweet.

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Text Tish Weinstock

  • Yoü and I

    Bride, robot, mermaid, and a naked Taylor Kinney - mmmmm! Lady Gaga’s video for Yoü and I has something for everybody. But the best part is Gaga’s grunting male alter ego Jo Calderone, with his Elvis quiff and Danny Zuko vibes, who sits upon a piano in the middle of a crop circle, drinking beer, smoking a cig, and spitting like real rugged men do.

  • Telephone ft. Beyoncé

    From her Diet Coke curls to her cigarette-covered sunnies, Lady Gaga plays the ultimate Telephone bitch. The Thelma to her Honey Bey’s Louise (that’s Queen Bey to you), together Lady Gaga and Mrs Carter take out a whole diner by poisoning all the honey. Fleeing the scene, they drive off into the sunset, hand in hand. To be continued…

  • Born this way

    The manifesto of Mother Monster, Gaga’s video for Born This Way features a dance between suit-wearing skeletons, a birth of mythical and magical proportions, and a whole lot of body prosthetics. Taking place on a government owned territory in space, the Nick Knight directed video is certainly her most gaga.

  • Paparazzi

    Pushed off a balcony by dreamy lover Alexander Skarsgard, and breaking all the bones in her body, Gaga’s fall from fame is splattered across every newspaper. Confined to her empty mansion full of murdered maids, she’s soon replaced by a new it girl. But after snogging a few chicks and dancing out of her wheelchair, she invites her boyfriend to tea and poisons him. And with that, she’s back in the pubic eye and the lens of the paparazzi. Look into the camera, walk away.

  • Bad Romance

    Dressed like the Judderman, straight out of an advert for schnapps, Lady Gaga’s video for Bad Romance is totally quiche. The video also features a hairless cat, a polar bear coat, Harajuku eyes, lots of diamonds and a strangely pronounced vertebra.