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top 5 hidden gems by cyril hahn

We've rated Cyril Hahn since he first dropped his Say Your Name remix over a year ago because, let's face it, any friend of Destiny's Child is a friend of ours. Having since given his special treatment to all of the greats (HAIM, R Kelly, Jessie Ware, Solange and even Mariah) and dropped killer debut single Perfect Form, the Swiss Vancouver resident has secured himself a cosy little spot in both our hearts and our mixtapes. Given his immaculate musical taste, we asked him to fill us in on the tracks he's secretly listening to. Here are Cyril Hahn's Top 5 hidden gems.

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  • 5. Evenings, Friend (Lover)

    "Beautiful track, you get sucked in as soon as the bass kicks in."


  • 4. Lusine, Another Tomorrow

    "Another song that really gets me going in the morning. I love the way in which the track keeps evolving, almost like a wave that gets bigger and bigger."




  • 3. Nils Frahm, You

    "I often listen to Nils Frahm to start my day. His piano compositions are minimal and understated to great effect."



  • 2. Jon Hopkins, Abandon Window

    "This is the quietest song from Jon Hopkins' new album and also my favourite one. I love the way he works with background noise/field recordings on this particular track."



  • 1. Julianna Barwick, One Half

    "The way Julianna Barwick layers her vocals and then intertwines them with organic sounding instruments is amazing. I listened to this song on loop when I first heard it."