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action! press play on our top 10 i-D film moments

Our film dream team have been busy bees since we launched i-D.co last year. From getting Miranda Kerr down to her underwear to infiltrating Rick Owens' Spotlight nightclub, they've travelled the globe, made a lot of hot mates and got in a few sticky situations. i-D's Associate Producer Declan Higgins shares his top ten film moments...

Text Declan Higgins

  • Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

    Shooting Rosie Tapner in the British countryside this February meant we only had a small amount of time to catch the sunlight. As Rosie was changing into her final look, the sun disappeared and the directors went mad and made us all rush to the top of the hill to do this final shot. Just as we arrived the sun reappeared for just enough time to shoot Rosie catching the ball. It was the most beautiful moment of a very beautiful film.

    “The day ended with the sunset... we had to rush out the hair and make up team to get Rosie ready on time to catch the last minutes of sun for the last scene. And they made it!” AB/CD/CD, Directors


    Rosie Tapner

  • Begging for corporal punishment

    Before this film, no one had ever been allowed to shoot Rick Owens Spotlight club and, as with every production, we needed permission from the venue to shoot inside. In response to our request, we received an email saying that someone had to go and meet a man named Corporal Punishment and beg him in person - fully naked. That was definitely a first. Let’s just say a very brave person made this film possible and we are extremely thankful.


    Rick Owens

  • Dinner’s on Dries!

    Dries van Noten is a very private man so we don’t want to give too much away, however as Dean Kissick explains after shooting our interview with him, Dries had a dinner surprise up his sleeve.

    "After wrapping our shoot in the Tuileries, we went for a drink at La Perle in the Marais, the bar made notorious by John Galliano. I was happy because we'd been invited to meet Dries Van Noten and his team for dinner at their favourite restaurant in Belleville... Without wishing to intrude on the Belgian designer's private world, I will say that the young chef brought him out a wobbling, towering Rum Baba and it was honestly the nicest sweet I've ever had." Dean Kissick, Senior Digital Editor



  • McKimm magic

    Our Angel Haze music video for her track A Tribe Called Red was styled by our New York Fashion Director Alastair McKimm. The day before the shoot Alastair sent our Producer James Lowrey a picture of a very unique Nike tracksuit in a bathtub and we realised that Alastair had done some classic i-D DIY customisation in his own bathroom. You won’t see that tracksuit anywhere else, but here’s Alastair’s tip on how to make your own, and what Angel had to say about her McKimm original.

    “All you need is a bath, a tracksuit and a bottle of domestos thick bleach. Simple. Just don't get it on your clothes.” Alastair McKimm, NY Fashion Director

    “It is fucking amazing. I actually immediately said to Alaistar "I'm keeping this," and surely I did. That was the most epic thing done on anything I've been styled on.” Angel Haze


    Angel Haze

  • 2 Chainz 2 many lobsters

    To shoot 2 Chainz for our Video Days series, our music team and in-house film crew headed to hang with the fashionable rapper in West London. The whole day was a surreal experience for all involved, especially the endless stream of food that seemed to follow the rapper and his entourage around. Here’s how our Editorial Assistant James Hutchins assisted 2 Chainz in stomaching all that food...

    “A definite highlight was just after 2 Chainz left his dressing room (which we were all chilling in), I decided to get involved with the spread of lobster and caviar that he had left behind! There was no way I could let that go to waste, even if it did mean getting caught in the act and being thrown out by security!” James Hutchins, Editorial Assistant


    2 Chainz

  • Whose is this Chanel bikini?

    Of all i-D films, the single image that travelled across the world fastest was Miranda Kerr in that Chanel bikini. However as instagram later revealed, it was not only Miranda who had donned the famous piece... As soon as Cara Delevingne saw the bikini on set, she wanted it, stuck it on and ran around in it, as akways keeping everyone’s spirits high!

    “It's a Chaos Fashion thing!!! We always play dress up backstage on shoots, we have for years! Our catalogue of polaroids is mad. Cara is just as chaotic as we are so it is the perfect fit! We didn't know our Instagram snap would travel so far!” Chaos Fashion, Fashion Direction



    Cara D

  • Sigrid Agren to serve

    After watching her tennis tutorial, you might be left thinking that Sigrid Agren’s serve is a deadly weapon that should come with its own license. We hate to shatter the illusion, but some scenes were achieved in post-production.

    "The funniest moment during the video shoot happened whenever I was serving, because I always had to pretend the balls were actually hitting the bottle in the film, whereas in reality they were going completely the opposite way!" Sigrid Agren, model

    “The film was meant to present a playful take on an instructional tennis film and Sigrid definitely demonstrated a backhand as the strongest part of her game.” HARRYS, Directors



  • Dame Vivienne Westwood and the anti-capitalist Coca-Cola disaster

    i-D was invited to accompany Vivienne Westwood on a guerilla Greenpeace mission to protest the then imprisonment of the Arctic 30. The day culminated in Dame Vivienne herself climbing a flagpole to raise the Greenpeace flag outside the Shell HQ. Whilst the day ended smoothly, it started a little stickier for Associate Producer, Declan Higgins...

    "We arrived at Dame Vivienne’s house at 5.30am, and just as she appeared in the doorway, I noticed something soaking the back of my legs. After a moment of confusion, I realised it was coming from the can of coke I had in my rucksack. It dawned on me then that I was about to embark on an anti capitalist protest mission, covered in Coca-Cola of all things. I believe Vivienne definitely had something to do with that can exploding, she’s got magical powers.” Declan Higgins, Associate Producer

    "From my perspective that day was so inspiring for many reasons. Vivienne has an extraordinary way of making you see things clearly!" Laura McCuaig, PR Manager at Vivienne Westwood


    Vivienne Westwood

  • I do yoga and pilates and the room is full of hotties

    It was just as Lily McMenamy was walking into shot, it felt like the whole room realised that no one had actually asked her how good she was going to be at yoga. Thankfully as you can see from her film, she was incredible! Do as Lily says and embody your body.


    Lily yoga

  • Hollie-May Saker's slut drop

    Back when we were filming our What Is Love? series, one of our favourite questions from readers asked "what's your favourite dance move to attract a hot stranger?" Hollie-May Saker told us her clear favourite was "the slut drop," and performed the move for all our team in our screening room. 

    “I learnt about the slut drop from the girls on Geordie Shore. I would never actually do it being serious when dancing; I really do it to take the piss because I can't really dance at all! There isn't really a technique to it - just don't go down too hard or your knees click and it bloody hurts!” Hollie-May Saker, model


    Holly-May Saker