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top 5 smiles by chloe norgaard. smile like you mean it.

"She drives me crazy, drives me wild, but I'm helpless when she smiles." Backstreet Boys were probably thinking about Chloe Norgaard when they wrote their not-so-classic 2007 track. Miss Norgaard is the fun lovin' elf that made us all crave rainbow hair and a life of peace n love. Not only is she the cutest thing around, but she describes her best feature as "hopefully spreading good vibes!" When she's not frolicking in waterfalls and riding elephants through jungles, she can be found walking for the best of them and brightening up magazines worldwide. Keeping things as positive as ever, here are her five favourite smiles in the whole wide world.

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  • 5. Minions

    "These guys other than having adorable smiles themselves, make me smile too, I absolutely love them."


  • 4. Stitch

    "Stitch is a silly little trouble maker, I like that :) and his smile is so big filled with crazy teeth <3"


  • 3. Pikachu

    "Everything from Pikachu's voice, to his movements are amazing!"


  • 2. Ozzy (from Epic)

    "He's a little slow but doesn't know it, ignorance is bliss ;)"


  • 1. March Hare and The Madhatter

    "Who wouldn't want to have a tea party with these guys?!"