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top 5 couples by summer camp. seeing double.

"If I could, I'd kiss your lips so hard your entire face would bruise. Write your name in blood on every wall, it would make the evening news. I'd chain our feet together so that you could never leave. I'd make you love me so much you'd have to ask permission to breathe." - I Want You, Summer Camp. Love them or hate them, couples are everywhere you look. When you're single, this is an annoying reminder that you're yet to find your lobster. But when you're one of them, you can probably empathise with the above lyrics. Probably. Currently sitting comfortably in our list of cool couples are Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley of Summer Camp, who spend their days making sweet, sweet music together. Not only did this get us mighty envious of their musical love affair, it also got our minds drifting down a list of dreamy duos. Looking for love, we asked Sanksley to share their five favourite couples…

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  • 5. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks

    "Lindsey and Stevie were practically children when they met and fell in love. They seemed to have a blissful experience at the beginning of their relationship, a low income love affair in the 70s, with Stevie sewing fringing on Lindsey's bell bottoms. The cover of Buckingham Nicks, their first album, features them topless (nipples artfully hidden). When Nicks' family moved to Chicago, she and Lindsey drove to Los Angeles, and on New Year's Eve in 1974 they joined Fleetwood Mac. Before releasing the seminal album Rumours, their relationship imploded, but they had to carry on writing together. We can't imagine how insanely painful it must have been to play songs to your ex that are about them, then have to go on tour with them and do shows where you're singing those songs. They're an amazingly talented ex-couple and we love them to pieces."


    Buckingham Nicks album cover, photographed by Jimmy Wachtel and Lorrie Sullivan, 1973.

  • 4. Joey Potter and Pacey Witter

    "'Why did you call me in the middle of the night to come get you?'" Ahh, that world famous line, spoken by Pacey to Joey right before he snogs her for the first time next to a lake. Kevin Williamson based the lead character of Dawson on himself, and the result was a simpering, beige-wearing, long-word-using, E.T. obsessive. He may have wanted Dawson to be the main romantic love interest, but that was never going to happen, especially when Joshua 'Mighty Ducks' Jackson was doing an incredible turn as the bad boy with a heart of gold. Although their romance was never plain sailing (except, ironically when they spent the summer on a boat), tomboy Joey and heartbreaker Pacey remain one of our top five favourite TV couples."


  • 3. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

    "Queen Victoria was a very powerful and courageous woman. She was a leader, and Albert was her number one supporter. She liked the look of Albert from the first moment they met, but was keen not to rush into marriage. Eventually she did, proposing to him (probably in a garden or something) and she was besotted from their wedding day to the day he died. After his funeral she became something of a recluse, always wearing black, and apparently had Albert's clothes laid out every morning as if he was going to suddenly appear and pop them on."


    Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

  • 2. Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman

    "I grew up watching Cheers and loving the sassy waitress Carla who was always cracking jokes at Dr. Frasier Crane's expense. I also loved the work of DeVito, particularly in Twins. That moment where he whines that he's the twin who got all the crap DNA broke my cold black heart. Discovering these two were married was a double whammy of awesome -  when they split for a time a couple of years ago it was seriously sad, so it's lovely that they worked it out. If you're not watching DeVito in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, you're missing out."


  • 1. Cary Grant and Randolph Scott

    "There has always been a lot of speculation over the relationship between these two beautiful Hollywood men, and we'll never know for certain that they were a couple. But we do know that they lived together on and off for twelve years (despite being married) in their 'Bachelor Hall'.  This is a love affair worth believing in if only for the amazing photos of them in very domestic settings, playing chess, cooking breakfast, running on the beach, all while looking impossibly stylish and handsome." 

    Cary Grant and Randolph Scott