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save water, shower together! top 5 fashion showers

Saturday is World Water Day, 22 March, a day dedicated to conserving water everywhere. Eat vegetables instead of animals, flush the toilet only as much as necessary, and take showers instead of baths. Showers are so much cooler anyway; a monsoon-like space of washing, of singing, of sexual encounters and more besides. To celebrate, come jump into our top 5 Fashion Showers.

Text Dean Kissick

  • 5. George Michael

    Yo Yoncé, Jourdan, Joan, Chanel, I’m really happy for you, I’m a let you finish, but George Michael had the best supermodel video of all time! Directed by dark visionary David Fincher, the sultry Freedom! ‘90 stars Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Tatjana Patitz in a townhouse cloaked in shadows. Jump to 2.57 for the steamy Cindy Crawford shower scene.

  • 4. Alexander McQueen

    Originally called “The Golden Shower”, Alexander McQueen’s wonderfully perverse spring/summer 98 show was eventually left “untitled” after his sponsors American Express took affront at its sexual associations. Which is silly as water sports have a rich art historical heritage dating back to Ancient Greek mythology, in which the god Zeus impregnated the imprisoned princess Danaë in the form of golden rain. Made at the absolute peak of his powers, McQueen’s astounding show starred Kate Moss, James King and Gisele in a London Victoria bus depot, all dressed in white and soaked wetter than an otter’s pocket as yellow rain fell from the ceiling. This is must-see fashion TV.

  • 3. Gianni Versace

    Gianni Versace’s opulent Miami Beach mansion was a sunny pleasure dome of 90s luxury, right up until his tragic murder on its steps in 1997. When it eventually went on sale and its doors were opened to the inquisitive press, the world would marvel at the house that Gianni built, with 11 bathrooms but only one bath - in Madonna’s room - in amongst the colourful mosaics, golden-tiled outdoors pool and snake-haired Medusa heads. Skip to 1.37 in the video for a look at one of those splendid classical shower rooms.

  • 2. Anna Dello Russo

    “You know what you need? You need a Fashion Shower!” Uh huh. Italian street style icon Anna Dello Russo’s video for H&M a couple years ago taught us everything there is to know about the Fashion Shower. Squeezed into a PVC mini-dress and decorated like a Christmas tree in glitzy jewellery, she shares golden nuggets of wisdom such as “Fashion is always uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable, you never get the look,” and “Wearing night clothes in the day time is unexpected,” and “Nothing succeed like excess.”

  • 1. Vivienne Westwood

    Nonetheless the best Fashion Shower ever is Vivienne Westwood’s, filmed by PETA for this year’s World Water Day. “I am an eco-warrior,” she says, “but I take long showers with a clean conscience because I’m vegetarian.” Watch the link to find out why. We’re fucking up our environment, horribly so, but you know what the world needs right now? It needs a Fashion Shower.