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Sky Ferreira's top 5 karaoke classics, sing along with me

I'VE BEEN HATING EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING THAT COULD HAVE BEEN, COULD HAVE BEEN MY EVERYTHING, NOW EVERYTHING'S EMBARRASSING. [FADE] Sky Ferreira is our teen dream crush that we just discovered something wonderful about. She loves karaoke too! If she was up for it, we'd definitely take her out on a first date full of low lighting and awkward singing. With her much-anticipated album out now in the UK, we asked the shining star to share her top 5 karaoke classics.

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  • bonnie tyler - total eclipse of the heart

    "This is what I like to sing when I'm really going for it. You have to be willing to throw yourself into it though."




  • the cardigans - lovefool

    "Definitely a karaoke classic, something to sing at the start of the night to get everyone going."


  • Toni Braxton - Unbreak my heart

    "You've got to have a ballad as well, and this is the perfect clenched fists moment"


  • britney spears - lucky

    "It's always important to have some Britney in there. Either this or Everytime are pretty great."


  • Madonna - Like A Prayer

    "I always do this one. Anything by early Madonna would be in my top 5"