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Brandt Brauer Frick's top DJ Kicks

Brandt Brauer Frick are the Berlin techno producers and serial remixers making 'emotional body music' with classical instruments rather than synths and computers. As they offer up their take on the DJ Kicks series for independent label !K7, we ask the trio to share their favourite ever DJ Kicks mixes. Read on for some classics!

Text Daniel Brandt

Brandt Brauer Frick's DJ Kicks is out now

  • 5. carl craig

    "When I first bought this CD it must have been in 1998 or 1999. It had already been out for some years and I must say I didn't like it at all. It has a lot of pumping techno and house on it and is very loopy and very fast - the style that Carl Craig used to play back in the day. But after I had seen DJ Bone playing at Berghain in 2007, I rediscovered this DJ Kicks and loved it."  


  • 4. playgroup

    "Trevor Jackson is a great artist in many ways. I've always admired the design he's doing - it's very special and to the point, with a very clear message. The DJ Kicks works very well with his general aesthetics. I didn't hear this CD when it actually came out but discovered it later and it's really great. It also has Smith N Hack's To Our Disco Friends on it which, in my opinion, is one of the coolest dance tracks ever. I've got to mention DJ Koze, who remixed the track and made it even more interesting. You should check out his mix for Kompakt All People Is My Friends from 2004."

  • 3. the glimmers


    "There are so many good tunes to discover in this mix - it's full of really dirty disco stuff. It's a perfect record to listen to in the car and it has a song on it which has become a hit among our friends - Fix It Man. The guy says, "I'm your fix it man and here I stand, with my tools swinging in my hand!" That says it all. An absolute winner!" 

  • 2. stereo MCs

    "I like this one almost as much as the Vikter Duplaix one. It came out in '99 and remember listening to it a lot with my friends. During that time (age 15) there was a huge hip-hop and breakdance scene in my hometown and there was an annual meeting for street art called Wall Street Meeting and we used to go there. This DJ Kicks was the perfect soundtrack to it. It has all these great breaks on it, most of them with no vocals. There was once a breakdance battle on a half pipe during that event and some DJ was playing those kind of breaks. This DJ Kicks reminds me of this specific time, and I still regularly listen to it. Somehow I especially like to listen to it at home while it rains outside. It's my rain record.


  • 1. Vikter Duplaix

    "This one's a special one! When I heard it for the first time it sounded to me like a whole new musical universe. I was 17 at the time and just couldn't belive what I was hearing. It has a very dark edge but is very soulful at the same time. Also, the computer voice that hosts the mix is a great addition. This CD also made me discover Matthew Herbert, who I am still a big fan of. I think it captures the peak of the British breakbeat scene really well. For me it's an absolute classic!"