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london now: meet the ravensbourne freshers!

Your first year at uni is when you find yourself, reinvent yourself, shed the old and grab hold of the new. It's a time to realise what you're really into, experiment with style, hair, music and sex, to make mistakes. Today we don our best fresher-wear and enrol in Ravensbourne where the first years are just getting stuck in. In three years time, where will this lot be? Head designers at luxury fashion houses? Stylists? TV personalities? Tibetan monks following an existential fabric trip to Cambodia? The future's theirs for the taking! Watch them go!

Photography Piczo 
Text Bojana Kozarevic 

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  • emma peddle, 19

    What made you study fashion?
    I went to college where I found I was quite technically minded and enjoyed the concept of working from flat pattern cutting creating a 3D design. Also being interested in clothes and image, how fashion can create an image and a sense of mind, designing came rather naturally to me. I love the fact there are so many elements to fashion, its not just about designing or creating it’s about understanding the evolving world around us! 

    What really inspires you?
    It varies from time to time, what area I am looking at. I gather inspiration from a vast array, keeping my eyes and mind open, keeping myself busy in order to come across new things. It can be what someone says or something that’s caught my eye on the way to work. But ultimately it the people who I am designing for that inspire my designs the most, I want women to feel attractive in my clothes and therefore I also design with this in mind.

    What do you enjoy most about your course?
    Being around so many liked minded people but also being in such a select group of people means I get more feedback and attention to evolve into the designer I want and can be. Also Ravensbourne, being in London is just amazing there is just no place like it, so much to do and be inspired by! The industry connections my uni offers, really helps experiencing what the fashion industry is about and also learning valuable skills for the industry.

    What’s the best thing about London and its fashion scene?
    I love London and being able to come from a small quiet town into this world full of life is something I get to experience on a daily basis. What is great about London is you can be who ever you want, to be wear whatever you want and no one judges you. 

    What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
    Honestly finding one that wasn’t rude was hard but, when I found out my mum has an app called ‘find the cat’ on her phone the other night; that had me going.

    Where do you see yourself in 3 years times?
    The dream would be to have my own design label but I know I’ll have to work hard to get it. Realistically in three years I want to be working at a high-end couture label, maybe even working abroad where I will be able to work my way up and my decisions having a positive effect. 



    emma peddle, ravensbourne

  • eden loweth, 19

    What made you want to study fashion? 
    To create work that becomes part of a person's life, that they choose to wear as it defines who they are - to transfer my creativity into something so personal really gave me the incentive to want to study fashion. 

    What really inspires you? 
    Modernism. Sex. Empowerment.

    What do you enjoy most about your course?
    The unrestricted ability to do what you want within a brief and the encouragement the tutors give to explore creatively. 

    What's the best thing about London and its fashion scene?
    It's a completely immersive experience, it allows you to explore who you are as a creative and as a person, it's like a melting pot of culture, sexuality and innovation.

    What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
    A women's horrified reaction to me and my male friend shopping in Zara Woman........

    Where do you see yourself in three years time?
    The end point is to have my own label where my work can have it's own platform.



    eden loweth, ravensbourne

  • hannah page, 18

    What made you want to study fashion? 
    Whilst at school I used to make and alter clothes and people would say ‘I wish I could do that’. I then realized how personal fashion is and how it really does reflect what goes on in your head. Being able to create something that no-one else can, that’s what I love.

    What really inspires you?
    The memory of performing with my old band in one particular church in Northern Spain. I looked around at one point and everybody was just crying. So whenever I’m feeling a bit lost with my work, I think back to the power and emotion from this memory. For some reason this really helps me with my creativity. 

    What do you enjoy most about your course? 
    I like the fact that you’re able to express your personality through your work without feeling like you have to fit in. There are no creative boundaries resulting in everyone’s style being completely different. Not feeling restricted has allowed me to explore endless possibilities.  

    What's the best thing about London and its fashion scene? 
    The diversity. I’m from a small village where I wouldn’t feel as comfortable wearing some of the things I do now. But in London no-one is judged for what they wear. This acts as an amazing platform for inspiration. Whatever area or style you want to look into, you can find it in London.

    What was the last thing that really made you laugh? 
    Thinking through possible answers to this question and realizing how inappropriate most of them are....

    Where do you see yourself in 3 years time? 
    Breaking into the industry with the skills I’ll gain from university, on my way to becoming a young designer. I'm so excited for  the future.




    hannah page, ravensbourne

  • jack baird, 19

    What made you want to study fashion?
    I started with a pretty superficial interest in fashion, making nice things for pretty people. But when I started looking further into fashion and the fact a huge issue can be covered with a simple idea for a show, this is when I really became driven to study it. 

    What really inspires you?
    My inspiration visually mostly comes from looking at personal styles of the characters in fashion. Issy Blow, Anna Piaggi, Daphne Guinness, Catherine Baba, Zandra Rhodes, any person I feel is 'free' in their choices.

    What do you enjoy most about your course?
    I think it'd be, for me, the openness to the more eccentric ideas. I like to be impractical in my designs and theres no pressure to do the normal and make everything more wearable.

    What's the best thing about London and its fashion scene?
    It's probably how open it is, London is essentially creative freedom. From a designers point of view it doesn't have such a commercial aim, and personal style wise I can wear things else where and be looked down on but in London I wouldn't get looked at twice.

    What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
    Is this a family magazine?

    Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?
    Well I'm currently working on the idea of micro collections purely to present ideas in collaboration with my partner, another fashion student, so hopefully we'll have gotten some exposure with that and have it going places. 



    jack baird, ravensbourne

  • claudia loiza

    What made you want to study fashion?
    Since I can remember i've been fascinated with the way we use clothes to express ourselves. To hide behind the materials and shy away from society, or become bold and extravagant, it's all down to the way you're feeling. Fashion is an international language, no matter where you are or who you are, we cannot resist the temptation of the colors, texture and beauty. It is a world of fantasy and creativity that I want to be part of.

    What really inspires you?  
    One of my greatest inspirations is nature, but overall inspiration comes from anywhere. From the creases in the bark of a tree to music. it can come from anywhere. thats one thing i think is an amazing trait in creative people, they can perceive the world in such a different way you just have to have an open mind.

    What do you enjoy most about your course?  
    What I love about my course is the fact that we're told to forget what we've been taught, to not to be afraid to make mistakes and to be true to ourselves. We're given the freedom to discover ourselves as designers and artists. That is the only way to create something original and thats why ravensbourne is the perfect place for me.

    What’s the best thing about London and it’s fashion scene?
    It is a riot of colours and energy. It’s raw and chaotic.

    What was the last thing that made you laugh?
    Is it embarrassing that the last thing that had me in stitches was a vine of a dog twerking? Also - my sketchbook the day before my last deadline. 

    Where do you see yourself in 3 years time? 
    Working in an energetic and creative place, where my ideas are valued and i can express myself.


    claudia loiza, ravensbourne