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What inspires Movement?

Sydney trio Movement produce music that seamlessly blends chilled RnB with dance, resulting in a sort of sexy dream sound perfect for soundtracking late nights. When the threesome aren't busy scoring worldwide blog love, they can be found supporting Solange on tour and hanging out on beaches. With new track Like Lust freshly set free, we thought it was the perfect time to delve deep into their inspiration bank. We asked Jesse James Ward, Lewis Wade and Sean Walker for their biggest motivations to make music.

Text Movement

  • October

    "The change in weather, it's dangerous. We end things and start things with little to no thought. Everything seems to lighten up. This October past we finished a many new tracks. It felt real good. This photo is from when we went to write new tracks up the coast to a little beach house in a cove."   


  • Night time

    "Everything becomes smoother. We have written almost everything at night. From 5:57pm onwards, we get into this new mood. Things seems possible."  


    Movement at night

  • memories

    "Memories of our trip to Koh Phanagan as teenagers, which was still the best week of our lives. We spent two weeks all together on the island Phanagan. A mixing pot of youth and different cultures from all around the world. We talked alot about what we wanted to achieve and how we could do it. It was the beginning of everything for us."


  • cinema

    "Writing music to images. Putting great movies on mute and playing our music over the top helps to show us what we have written in a different way. We have set up a screen where we write and we run movies on mute. Anything from Woody Allen to Casablanca." 


  • Success

    "Seeing the sucecss of others shows us that things are possible. When we see a band play a big show or see some creative way they have done something it motivates us to think differently and opens up our heads.  This one photo has been something we look at and get shivers."