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Dior details for the urban world

Ah, to be inside Raf Simons' brain... Then again, perhaps that's the beauty of his talent - for he transports his visions of women straight from the brain to the catwalk and then finally, to the street. His vision of women; simultaneously electrifyingly avant-grade and vulnerable, is a constant, revered step forward. His approach is a building block, always a nod to the foundations yet always an upwards climb. Fitting, as this season he went urban. It was all about the city and all about the dream. It was tough and real, yet the Dior Garden of romanticism and ethereality from last season still lingered in the air. "I am attracted to the reality of the urban world and environment, not just to the leisured world of the event or the party. This Dior woman inhabits both!" said Simons. The Dior woman is above and beyond, but she is still oh so real and genuine. That's the power of Raf Simons as architect. Bright lights and a bigger city. Raf Simons owns the streets.

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Text Bojana Kozarevic
Photography Umberto Fratini

  • look 9


    Simons wanted to offer 'another reality, another function.' The masculine strength of this deep navy dress was beautifully undercut by the pink fluoro slit, by the splice of modernity and softness. Even the shoes are a hybrid between the urban and the soft feminine.  A true conjunction of masculine/feminine, this dress mesmerised in its simple breath-taking beauty.  


    christian dior autumn/winter 14

  • look 33


    A boundless flight into the feminine, this pink cashmere stunner awed and then awed some more. "A new vision of the urban experience, a place of power and possibility for women' said the show notes. What other way to explore possibilities through a freeing silhouette? 


    christian dior autumn/winter 14

  • look 40


    'The architectural, art deco motif of Atlas to be found on the jewellery and on the quilting, is here bowed in his submission to the new woman'. Atlas, in the art deco motif, is a sculpture originally to be found outside the Rockefeller Centre, holding the heavens high above his head. Atlas is the Titan from Greek Mythology, an inherent giant with immeasurable power. This power bows down low to the Dior woman, where she wears his strength on the complex quilting and jewellery and makes it hers. (#bowdownbitches?)


    christian dior autumn/winter 14

  • look 52


    'Abstracted', the t-shirt dress (a city staple, non?) takes on an ethereal form in silk, emboldened by a plain white-tee underneath. A city princess, walking the stony grass of her urban garden in shimmering splendour. 


    christian dior autumn/winter 14

  • look 54


    The final look, an embroidered black silk dress dressed the glorious Ms. Bochert. Another t-shirt peaks through the underneath, giving that final note of urban and the real, the dream and the garden…either way she has flowered into yet another grown version of herself, a real woman, soft and strong and scented by Simons' shimmering light. 


    christian dior autumn/winter 14