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Balmain babes are ready for battle

They've got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire, they are champions and you’re gonna hear them roar...

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Text Francesca Dunn
Photography Mitchell Sams 

  • for Blighty!

    Jourdan Dunn marched down the catwalk at Balmain in classic WWII soldier attire. With a muddy green-brown structured leather jacket atop straight-leg combat trousers with oversized pockets and big black boots (albeit with a heel), girl was on a mission. 


    Balmain: A/W 14

  • black death

    With bondage ties similar to Kiera Knightly's Queen Guinevere in King Arthur (except much more plentiful), Rosie Huntington-Whitely stormed through Paris with serious attitude.  

    Balmain: A/W 14

  • belted beauty

    With strong belted armour and protective leather trousers, Joan Smalls in Balmain is ready for anything yet dressed to impress. Disguising solid gold weaponery as earrings, she's beauty, brains and plenty of brawn. 


    Balmain: A/W 14

  • so totally buggin

    In the insect world, the colours orange and black mean beautiful but deadly, and this is certainly the case here. With a fuzzy top half and patterned body, approach this attractive creature and risk your life.

    Balmain autumn/winter 14

  • junglist

    Wrapped in rope, Balmain's very own Queen of the Jungle fights off tigers and lives in trees. Forever marching to the beat of her own drum (and bass), this Jane needs no Tarzan.  

    Balmain: A/W 14