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the best paris fashion shows of all time

Whether you believe fashion shows are here to stay or will soon be confined to the deepest depths of the internet, there's no denying that some of most fantastical moments in fashion history have come from the runway. From John Galliano's theatrical fairytales to Chanel's catwalk extravaganzas, Paris Fashion Week always brings the panache! As it sets into motion across the channel we bring you our top 5 shows of all time to come out of the French capital...

Text Felicity Kinsella 

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  • john galliano spring/summer 94

    John Galliano's spring/summer 94 show is the tale of Princess Lucretia and her Voyage of Self-Discovery, inspired by Anna Karenina's escape from Russia, her highland fling, gambling, drinking and chancing upon the dotted duke and duchess... Here's Part 1 - The Escape. Run, Princess! Run!

  • dior autumn/winter 05

    Another show by the master of fashionable storytelling, John Galliano. On Christian Dior's 100th birthday Galliano paid homage to the history of the house, beginning with the ghost of Madame Dior stepping out into the swirling mists of his childhood home, Granville. Then came Lucky, France, Praline and Victoire, Dior's house models, Mitzah his muse, Marguerite, the technical, and Raymonde, head of studio all in the New Look before Hollywood, debutante's, ballerina's, Catherinette's, madonna's and finally Lily Cole making the whole thing Heaven on Earth!

  • Alexander McQueen autumn/winter 06

    McQueen's Kate Moss hologram was one of the most spectacularly ethereal, beautiful finale's of any catwalk show and it still comes back to haunt the fashion world today... Do you believe in ghosts? 

  • chanel autumn/winter 08

    You spin me right round baby, right round! Who else? It can only be Mr Karl Lagerfeld. A Chanel carousel fitted with giant pearls, 2.55's and other gold accessories as well as Abbey Lee, Freja Beha and Coco Rocha was the centrpiece for King Karl's autumn/winter 08 show. What more could a girl want?

  • louis vuitton spring/summer 14

    Follow Edie Campbell as she stalks the blacked out memories of shows past in nothing but glittering Stephen Sprouse bodypaint, a thong and a feathered headress. The fountain, escalators and elevators were all there - everything painted black for Marc Jacobs' last collection for Louis Vuitton and the grandest show of the season. "To the showgirl in all of us."