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milan's fashion monsters

Whangdoodles, Hornswogglers, and Snozzwanglers oh my! From under the bed and onto the catwalk, welcome to the world of furry monsters as Milan does Monsters, Inc.

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Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Mitchell Sams

  • the mcmonster

    Far, far away, in the land of Fast Food Fashion, lives our friend the Moschino Monster. With his ketchup coloured fur and mustard yellow lining, he’s the snuggliest McMonster we know!


    Moschino autumn/winter 14

  • the bubblegum monster

    Second cousin to the Cookie Monster, the Bubblegum Monster lives in the land of bubbles, deep under the sea. When he’s not running a comb through his luscious pink locks, you can find him on the Gucci catwalk, strutting his monstrous stuff.


    Gucci autumn/winter 14

  • the bfg

    “Us giants is making whizzpoppers all the time!’’ Roberto Cavalli’s big, friendly, giant monster eats snozzcumbers for breakfast and catches dreams for a living. His favourite fizzy drink is a frobscottle, although it makes him whizzpop something awful!


    Roberto Cavalli autumn/winter 14

  • the friendly fendi monster

    The Fendi snuggle monster is big and brown, and bold and furry. Heralding from the Land of Soft Things, he’ll keep you warm this winter. Mmmmm, soft!


    Fendi autumn/winter 14

  • marni monster

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most distinguished monster of them all? With his blue and orange spots, and white fluffy hair, it’s by far the Marni Monster.


    Marni autumn/winter 14

  • the bogeyman

    From Gucci to Pucci, taking a break from scaring little children and hibernating under the bed, the Bogeyman also flashed his fur on the runway this season. I’m friends with the monster…


    Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 14