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Coats A-Plenty

For the past few seasons, it seems that the most stylish way to wear a coat is to actually not bother wearing it at all. Women were dodging their sleeves altogether to create the ‘slung-jacket’ look: just letting your coat hang off your shoulders, almost cape-like. Practical? Perhaps not. But since when has fashion been kind-hearted? All is about to change this season: designers are taking the weight off our shoulders as we are slipping our coats all the way on, making up for all the months of lost heat. Fresh prints, shockingly bold colours and textures that make you wanna touch ‘em herald the arrival of the new collections and styles. It just ain’t that cool to be cold. Wrap up with our top 5 coats from Milan...

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Text Adam Fletcher
Photography Mitchell Sams

  • Bloomin’

    When Kim Kardashian arrived to the Met Gala last year wearing a Riccardo Tisci floral maternity gown she was called a walking sofa, Mrs Doubtfire and a pair of curtains. Blooming flowers are taking centre stage again: at Uma Wang blood red roses were embroidered onto oversized tan leather coats. Keep accessories minimal, and do not under any circumstances wear matching floral gloves.


    Uma Wang autumn/winter 14

  • Looney Tunes

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Jeremy Scott apparently. In his first collection for Moschino, he does more than push boundaries. But what else could we expect from the designer who can turn a Mickey Mouse teddy bear into a pair of shoes and add wings to an adidas tracksuit? SpongeBob SquarePants, McDonalds and Budweiser created their catwalk. A new path for the historic fashion house.


    Moschino autumn/winter 14

  • Square Up

    Plaids are out, squares are in, and according to Tod’s the bigger the better. Resonant of Coco Chanel’s design mantra that “fashion is architecture”, Tod’s have created garments that are as square-cut as the city itself. To really look like a hot child in the city, extend the print onto your scarf and trousers. It’s okay to break the rules this time.


    Tod's autumn/winter 14

  • Colour me in

    Everyone knows that the camel coat is a classic, nothing can beat its smooth sandy colour, two welt pockets at the font and the little vent at the back. But those who are really in the know now want theirs splashed with rainbow colours and a black faux-fur collar. Joseph wants his amazing technicolour dreamcoat back, Sportmax.


    Sportmax autumn/winter 14

  • Soft touch

    Just Cavalli softly embrace the new season with feminine silhouettes and candy colours. Weave in the new style and wear your hair extensions. But only if they’re bubblegum pink, girls.


    Just Cavalli autumn/winter 14