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Otherworldly princesses of fashion week

In a galaxy far, far away... there lives all manner of otherworldly princesses. These dreamy, beautiful babes aren't sitting about waiting for Prince Charming, they're far too busy travelling through time, space and our minds!

Text Francesca Dunn
Photography Mitchell Sams & Piczo

  • just landed

    With her fur, shiny silver skirt and soft-as-can-be weekend bag, Simone Rocha's Princess is fresh off the spaceship. Ready to explore a whole new world, her royal status is clear to all she meets thanks to her goldleaf forehead. What a beauty! 

    Simone Rocha Autumn/Winter 14

  • the force is strong with this one

    In her long Jedi cloak, this young desert princess is certainly no Padawan. She works the Middle Eastern detailing well and wears her bold gold necklace up high around her neck. 

    Alberta Ferretti Autumn/Winter 14

  • sweet like candy

    My girl lollypop, she makes my heart go giddyup. Everything about this flower girl is candyfloss pink - from her sheer strawberry waffle dress and her marshmellow headdress, right down to her rosy lips and cheeky show off nipples. Princess Peach rules my world.

    Simone Rocha Autumn/Winter 14

  • key look

    Dolce & Gabbana's hooded gold brocade number is pure Disney. The beautiful bodice leads down to a lose, crossed-key print skirt that trails behind her as she floats about her castle in the clouds. This princess holds the key to my heart.

    Dolce & Gabbana AW14

  • stargazing

    When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you. If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme, when you wish upon a star as dreamers do. This one lives on the dark side of the moon and grants wishes to the lovers (not the haters) that truly deserve it. 

    Rodarte autumn/winter 14

  • aphrodite

    The Princess of Love floats about in her scallop shell on the clouds of Venus. Smiling down on the pure white nebula bunnies that hop about her planet, the Meadham Kirchhoff darling shades her milky face from the sun with her pretty pink veil and dreams of ♥. 

    Meadham Kirchhoff backstage

  • sea of secrets

    This babe lives in a land of many secrets. Wrapping up to keep warm, she wears only the finest furs of the rare blue bear. The people of her watery planet believe that the mouth gives away everything one could ever know about a person. They keep it covered at all costs. 

    Peter Pilotto AW14

  • ice ice baby

    Things get pretty cold on the frozen planet this girl rules over. Leather, fur and wool ensure the Fendi princess keeps toasty as she journeys through space, and sometimes, if she's feeling adventurous, time too.

    Fendi AW14

  • robots in disguise

    KTZ's Grace Bol is a Golden Android Princess. While the rest of the collection has a Moroccan slant with mirrored embroidery and geometric patterns, this number goes all out precious metal. She's ready and willing to protect her intergalactic super-fantastic space station by battling baddies all over the universe. 

    KTZ Autumn/Winter 14

  • beam me up

    Mary Katrantzou's medieval mistress is straight outta the Starship Enterprise. With her beautiful coat of arms on her chest, the elegant dress is stunning on her slender frame. This is Dr. Who's dreamgirl and he doesn't even know it yet.

    Mary Katrantzou AW14

  • golden girl

    Possibly my favourite of all otherworldly fashion week princesses, this beautiful gold-coated girl has dischevelled plaits and a look on her face that hints that she might have just been kidnapped. With crystal handcuffs, funny gold slippers and the loveliest dress I've ever seen... she's the dream.

    Simone Rocha AW14

  • Princess sparkle

    Chloe Norgaard is the human embodiment of Summer from The OC's much-loved Princess Sparkle. Going all out rainbow barbie at Ashish, this doll is all ballerina skirt, glowing wedge sneakers and glitter glitter glitter. With a diamond tiara atop her candyfloss hair, I wish this princess would follow me around and make my dreams come true.

    Ashish AW14