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Roberto Cavalli burns red hot

As the streets of Milan stood cold and grey, things hotted up at the Roberto Cavalli show. Models ritualistically circled the flames as they worshiped the night and sacrificed their souls at the alter of Italian glamour. And it burned, burned, burned, that ring of fire. Let's all join Cavalli's sexy cult!

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Text Francesca Dunn
Photography Mitchell Sams

  • one true goddess

    With her heavy fur coat and bold print dress, this Amazonian goddess is the leader of the cult. Followers kneel before her, bow their heads and kiss her perfect feet. Few know it, but the ancient talisman around her neck is the secret to her all-powerful ways. 

    Roberto Cavalli AW14

  • bad grrrrl

    This S&M bitch knows that black on black on black is the only way. Leather and fur and skin and wow. Are those thigh high boots or leather trousers? Who cares! They’re as hot as the hell she’s walking through. She’s bad and she knows it. 

    Roberto Cavalli AW14

  • don't give her no tassel

    This leather flapper dress goes all out black magic with an armoured bodice, delicate lace-look detailing on the chest and a fabulous fox fur stole. Sexy slicked back hair completes the look. 

    Roberto Cavalli AW14

  • white heat

    Not to be mistaken with the look of an Ice Queen, white heat is when the temperature or state of something is so hot that it emits a bright white light. The leather tassels feature a stud detailing that conjour up images of fierce rhinestone-clad Texan gals, while the gentle charm of the white fur collar is not to be trusted. 

    Roberto Cavalli AW14

  • Girl on fire

    Katniss Everdeen, eat your heart out. This girl doesn't need to spin to set her dress alight, cause she is constantly on fire. With red tipped fur round her shoulders and dark make-up round her eyes, this girl is HAWT. Burn baby burn, disco inferno. 

    Roberto Cavalli AW14