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we got served by Moschino autumn/winter 14

EVERYONE PLEASE LOOK AT JEREMY SCOTT'S T-SHIRT. It said 'I don't speak Italian but I do speak Moschino'. And that he does very well- accenting it with his own lingo whilst paying homage to one of fashion greatest dictionaries defined Franco Moschino. It was brash, cartoonish and loud. Last season was also a loud goodbye dance by Jardini to Moschino's greatest hits, and this season saw a new translation of Moschino's archive by Scott. It was fused with modern semiotics of capitalist titans (McDonald's and Chanel) with colour and energy and chains and gold eeevverrryywhere. Moschino never shied away from palpability, and neither has Jeremy Scott which makes this match a perfect one. Hurrah for the fun, for the energy and WORD UP to Jeremy Scott's Moschino autumn/winter 14.

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Text Bojana Kozarevic 
Catwalk photography Umberto Fratini 

  • mmmmm I'm lovin' it



    2O billion people served by McDonald's? Having read these facts, it really wouldn't be surprsing. Jeremy Scott's visual fusion of the Ms from McDonald's and Moschino made a powerful statement between the modern-day utopias and dystopias. 


    moschino autumn/winter 14

  • wear it loud and proud


    On closer inspection, you will see that the black quilted Moschino number isn't a mere tube top - it is a bag. Wearing your heart on your sleeve and your Moschino across your heart.


    moschino autumn/winter 14

  • missdemeanour


    Jeremy Scott's take on the two piece suit comes in a black latex-like-pffa-trackuit version - natch. Cropped jackets teamed with high-waisted branded beauties. Brazen beauty, epitome of. 


    moschino autumn/winter 14

  • fan-tastic


    Once the dresses started spilling onto the catwalk, there was a frenzy of both patterns and pattern-cuts. Taking away the popcorn, Spongebob and other patterns - the cuts showed a good amount of handiwork. Favourite was the fanned strapless number, cinched at the waist and fanning out in a brave and bold a-line. It promises a sashay down the runway. A dress that moves of its own accord and of course, a personality that wears it. 


    moschino autumn/winter 14

  • leather ladies


    An all-leather, all-love number. Scott didn't shy away from a clear-cut dominatrix 'tude. In fact, he embraced it and even branded it as much as possible with gold. Apart from the perfection of the thigh-highs against the high-waisted wool knickers, it was the body-belted coat that swung down the runway that caught the eye. Leather and hooded, this bad-ass is a mix between coat and poncho and one for the woman of the house.  


    moschino autumn/winter 14